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15 November 2022, 13:08

Governor: Producers of Belarus and Chelyabinsk Oblast complement each other

Aleksei Teksler
Aleksei Teksler

MINSK, 15 November (BelTA) - Producers from Belarus and Chelyabinsk Oblast of Russia do not compete with each other. They complement each other, strengthening bilateral cooperation, Governor of Russia's Chelyabinsk Oblast Aleksei Teksler told the media after his meeting with Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko in Minsk on 15 November, BelTA has learned.

According to the head of the region, the machine-building industry has been historically well developed both in Chelyabinsk Oblast and in Belarus. “However, we hardly compete with each other,” he pointed out. For example, Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant specializes mainly in tracked vehicles, while the Belarusian tractor manufacturer MTZ - in wheeled vehicles. Ural trucks do not compete with MAZ vehicles because they are designed to work in different conditions. Moreover, some of the components for Ural trucks are made in Belarus. “We are interested in increasing the volume of deliveries of auto components. Here we can definitely complement each other, implementing new projects together. It is very important that we can complement each other on the market,” he explained.


During the meeting with the Belarusian head of state the parties discussed possible localization of the Belarus tractor production at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. “At the same time Aleksandr Grigoriyevich set a task to take a look at the competencies of caterpillar tractors which we have developed and how they can be implemented here, in Belarus, in order to solve large infrastructure and agriculture tasks,” said Aleksei Teksler. According to him, they will work on the order because there is an interest from the Russian party in strengthening the cooperation. “Our contacts will be permanent now,” the governor said.

On the one hand, we have traditional well-established ties, and on the other hand, there are niches where we can build up cooperation. “Moreover, we have common challenges, common tasks. First of all, this is import substitution. Our mutual competences complement each other,” the head of the region added.

In addition to contacts in mechanical engineering, there are plans to develop cooperation in agriculture. For example, Chelyabinsk Oblast is going to build a large livestock complex based on the design and equipment produced in Belarus. “We have already signed contracts for the supply of 150 tractors for agriculture, and another 150 for the needs of the housing and utilities sector. We have signed an agreement for 90 elevators. These are the steps that strengthen the traditional ties we have,” stressed the governor. Plans are also in place to increase the delivery of Belarusian components for the Ural plant.

According to Aleksei Teksler, the parties are also discussing the possibility of expanding educational contacts and cultural exchanges. For example, the famous dance company Ural from Chelyabinsk Oblast plans to perform at the next Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk. In turn, the head of the region invited the Belarusian artists to take part in the Bazhov Festival which traditionally takes place in Chelyabinsk Oblast.

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