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05 May 2021, 10:31

EAEU countries unify requirements for pedigree stock production

MOSCOW, 5 May (BelTA) - The agreement on measures to unify breeding work within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) will come into force on 6 May, BelTA learned from the press service of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

The document was signed by the EAEU states in October 2019. “Six acts of the Eurasian Economic Commission adopted in 2020-2021 come into force as well. They are necessary for the implementation of the agreement and define the procedure for the implementation of the main processes of pedigree stock production. Such processes include assessment of breeding value of animals; molecular genetic examination of breeding products; determination of breed (pedigree) of breeding animals; approbation of new breeds, types, lines and cross breeds,” the press service said.

The agreement approved the composition of information on pedigree animals and breeding achievements to be exchanged between the member states of the Union, as well as the procedure for coordination and analytical support of selection and breeding work. “The agreement and documents elaborated for its implementation develop a legal mechanism helping carry out breeding work in the EAEU member states using common methods and procedures in the production and evaluation of pedigree products. There is an opportunity as part of the EAEU to unite efforts to develop and implement innovative technologies, including genomic selection. The implementation of the agreement will become a real step towards practical integration in the agricultural sector of the EAEU countries,” the EEC stressed.

The starting point in the development of livestock breeding will be the transition of key livestock industries to modern methods of assessment and prediction of breeding value based on the best linear unbiased prediction method (BLUP) within the next two years. “All data on breeding animals, their productivity, the presence of genetic diseases and other necessary data, in fact being an electronic version of a breeding certificate, will be entered by the breeding services of the EAEU states in the national information systems in accordance with unified procedures and methods. -The exchange of such information will be provided by an integrated information system of the EAEU as part of the overall process of the formation, maintenance and use of database on breeding animals and breeding achievements. Development of technological documentation for its implementation is planned for 2021,” the press service said.

Coordination meetings will be held on a regular basis to work out coordinated decisions on the strategy of development and organization of breeding within the EAEU, to ensure coordination of government bodies, scientific institutions, organizations carrying out breeding activities. After the adopted acts are implemented, there are plans to develop the EAEU system of genomic selection, which will enable the selection of breeding animals at an early age. “This will significantly improve the efficiency of breeding work, save significant amounts on the maintenance of breeding stock and accelerate the development of livestock. Analytical centers will be set up to address the matter and provide analytical support of selection and breeding work,” the EEC said.

Barrier-free trade and provision of the EAEU countries with highly productive domestic breeding products will increase the competitiveness of the agricultural sectors of the EAEU member states, reduce the level of import dependence.

“These documents, according to experts, will have a positive impact on the development of breeding work and trade in breeding products in the Eurasian Economic Union,” the press service added.

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