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25 May 2024, 16:37

CIS states, Türkiye named most promising markets for Belarus' confectionery

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An archive photo
MINSK, 25 May (BelTA) – The most promising markets for Belarusian confectionery products are Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Türkiye, Deputy Director of the National Center for Marketing and Price Study Yevgeny Rusak told BelTA.

Russia is the world's fifth biggest producer of confectionery products with a global market share of 3%. Russia ranks 11th in the world in chocolate exports. The main suppliers of confectionery products to Russia are Germany, Belarus, China and Türkiye. Two trends are becoming more pronounced on the Russian confectionery market: increasing prices for imports and increasing consumption of confectionery products. Thus, the average per capita consumption of confectionery products was 26.3 kg in 2023. Flour confectionery products are the most popular among Russians; they are followed by chocolate and sugar confectionery.

“The export potential of Belarusian sugar confectionery on the Russian market was estimated at $43 million. This potential was realized in full. Belarusian producers were also well placed to sell $62 million worth of chocolate products to Russia, but the export of these products was 12.1% below the target. Belarus exported $15 million worth of flour products to Russia, 0.9% below the plan. Russia provides preferential access to its market for Belarus and other CIS countries, as well as Georgia, Vietnam, Iran and Serbia,” said Yevgeny Rusak.

As far as Kazakhstan is concerned, there is an increase in imports of confectionery products to this market. Local producers cover less than 50% of the domestic demand for chocolate and sugar confectionery. Russian imports account for more than 60% of Kazakhstan's confectionery market, local producers have a smaller share. In this regard, experts see ample opportunities to increase the presence of Belarusian confectionery products in Kazakhstan.

“The export potential of Belarusian sugary confectionery in Kazakhstan is estimated at $17 million: $4.8 million worth of chocolate and $666,000 worth of flour products. This potential has not been utilized in full. Kazakhstan offers reduced customs duties for the CIS countries, Georgia, Vietnam, Iran and Serbia,” Yevgeny Rusak noted.

Confectionery is one of the lifelines of Uzbekistan's food industry; the output  of these products is on the rise. Russia is the biggest importer of confectionery products to Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan exports its sweets mostly to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. There are zero import duties for the CIS countries and Georgia. Belarusian confectionery factories can potentially export $4.5 million worth of sugar products, $2.9 million worth of chocolate products and about $701,000 worth of flour products to this market.

“There may be certain difficulties with the export of chocolates to Azerbaijan due to an increase in import tax and interruptions in supplies. Local producers managed to benefit from this. At the same time, Azerbaijan offers preferential terms for the CIS countries and Georgia. Belarusian confectionery factories have not utilized the export potential on this market, which is estimated at $1.7 million for chocolate products and $1.5 million for sugar products,” added Yevgeny Rusak.

An increase in imports of confectionery products is reported in Türkiye. Most of imports comes from EU countries, the UK and India. According to experts, Belarus could supply $2.7 million worth of sugar products alone to Türkiye. However, Belarusian confectionery exports still lag behind their capacity on the Turkish market.

The global confectionery market is projected to grow at an annual rate of 5.5% over the next seven years. By the end of 2024, the global confectionery market is expected to reach $203.7 billion, by 2030 - $280.6 billion. Europe is the biggest confectionery market (34.3%), chocolate products represent the largest segment of this market (53.8%). The biggest consumers of confectionery products are Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, followed by North America.
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