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28 April 2022, 13:22

Call for utilizing all reserves to secure steady work, growth of Belarusian economy

Ivan Krupko. An archive photo
Ivan Krupko. An archive photo

GOMEL, 28 April (BelTA) – It is important to tap into every reserve in order to ensure steady work and growth of the economy. Chairman of the Gomel Oblast Executive Committee Ivan Krupko made the relevant statement at the committee's session held to discuss Gomel Oblast's social and economic development in January-March 2022, BelTA has learned.

Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Nazarov helped summarize the social and economic development results.

Ivan Krupko pointed out that social commitments had been fully honored and salaries had been paid in Gomel Oblast. Out of the four performance targets set by the central government the Gomel Oblast administration hit two – salary growth (117.3% with the target set at 109.2%) and gross revenues of the consolidated budget (over 120% with the target set at 107.3%). All the branches of the regional economy operated in the black.

The Gomel Oblast governor went on saying: “Certainly, the pressure of sanctions has had an effect on the social and economic development of a number of industries and enterprises. In January-February 2022 the gross regional product growth rate totaled 101.2%. In January-March 2022 it amounted to 99% while the target was set at 100.5%.”

Growth was driven by manufacturing sector, retail, service industry, information and communications industry. Agriculture, civil engineering, and transportation demonstrated results lower than last year's.

Ivan Krupko is convinced that not all the reserves had been tapped for the sake of economy growth. The manufacturing sector should use the existing potential to create new and expand existing enterprises that make import substitutes.

“The Russian Federation market is open for the civil engineering industry. We've already been to the market, determined how much we can do, and are working already. There are prospects for a considerable increase in housing construction, construction and repair of roads and social facilities. We have the competences. We have to use them to the max effect,” the Gomel Oblast governor stressed.

Speaking about agriculture's performance, Ivan Krupko pointed out that there is a higher than usual demand for food on all foreign markets. “Sufficient resources have been invested in agriculture and not only this year. However, results of the first quarter indicate that the measures being taken, particularly those in animal husbandry industry, cannot radically reverse the situation. The lack of due attention on the part of heads of district administrations is the reason,” he is convinced.

In his words, it is important to clearly understand how the tasks that have been set will be accomplished and to determine concrete measures. “We need to understand what has to be done further in order to hit the projections. Merchandise export flows are being redirected to alternative markets due to the pressure of sanctions. The government has taken a number of measures to minimize the consequences of the sanctions enforced by unfriendly countries,” the governor stressed. However, it is important for everyone – starting with specialists and ending with executives – to clearly recognize their area of responsibility.

“The key is further stable functioning of the economy and the organization of effective foreign trade. It is a task set by the head of state,” the governor concluded.

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