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30 November 2021, 19:19

Belarusian Krichevtsementnoshifer to refresh product range by 70% in January 2022

MOGILEV, 30 November (BelTA) – The Belarusian manufacturer of construction materials OAO Krichevtsementnoshifer will refresh its product range by 70% starting January 2022, BelTA learned from the company's Deputy Director General for Economy Aleksandr Mitin.

Krichevtsementnoshifer will refresh the product range due to transition to a new cement manufacturing standard. For instance, the product range will include the new straight cement Tsem-0. It will be the highest quality product. Technical parameters of the cement will remain the same but the name will be different. Previously available cement varieties Tsem-1 and Tsem-2 will keep their parameters and requirements for these cement varieties according to a new state standard will not change. But the cement varieties PTs-500-D0 and PTs-500-D20 will no longer be manufactured under these names.

Krichevtsementnoshifer is busy switching to the new product range. It is necessary to inform customers about the novelties, amend the technical regulation, carry out tests, and pass the certification procedure. “Six new cement varieties are being tested. It means we make cement in 100-tonne batches, which are mixed in individual silos and kept for 28 days in order to reach the full strength a cement grade requires. Then the product samples are shipped away for certification,” the Krichevtsementnoshifer deputy director general for economy said.

In order to make new kinds of merchandise, Krichevtsementnoshifer will not have to radically change the technology. It will have to strictly control technical parameters and take samples. At present Krichevtsementnoshifer makes products according to two state standards: a USSR standard dating back to 1985 and a Belarusian standard dating back to 2016. These standards use different approaches to determining the strength, setting, and grinding fineness of cement. And every standard provides for its own tests. Products made in compliance with each standard are popular with customers. “Krichevtsementnoshifer is very flexible in its work with customers. We always meet them half way,” Aleksandr Mitin stressed.

The public joint-stock company (OAO) Krichevtsementnoshifer is part of the holding company Belarusian Cement Company. Krichevtsementnoshifer is one of Belarus' largest manufacturers of construction materials. The company can make 1.572 million tonnes of cement per annum and operates at 100% capacity. In January-November 2021 Krichevtsementnoshifer already made over 1.5 million tonnes of merchandise. All the output gets certified in line with the Belarusian national certification system as well as in Russia, Ukraine, and countries of the European Union. Krichevtsementnoshifer has been making cement using the dry method since 2013. The new line boasts sophisticated equipment, which allows making top-quality products, which are shipped in bulk by rail and by road.

The public joint-stock company includes six affiliated branches in Brest Oblast, Vitebsk Oblast, Gomel Oblast, Minsk Oblast, and Mogilev Oblast. Their products (reinforced-concrete goods) account for over 21% of Krichevtsementnoshifer's export or the equivalent of $8.1 million in monetary terms. In January-November 2021 Krichevtsementnoshifer exported nearly 40% of the output to the tune of $38.2 million. The export growth rate exceeded 112% in monetary terms. Krichevtsementnoshifer products sell well in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Russia. Poland and Russia buy over 95% of Krichevtsementnoshifer's export. The top sellers are cement, road and airfield slabs, and power line poles. The consumers include construction companies, repair and construction companies, retail organizations, integrated house-building factories, manufacturers of reinforced-concrete goods and silicate materials.

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