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Belarusian-Chinese venture Zoomlion-MAZ to make heavy-lift automobile crane

Economy 07.03.2018 | 17:58

MINSK, 7 March (BelTA) – The Belarusian-Chinese joint venture Zoomlion-MAZ will start making automobile cranes with a record high lifting capacity by the end of the year, BelTA has learned. Such a crane will be able to lift 60 tonnes of weight as high as a 20-story building.

Apart from the 60-tonne crane Zoomlion-MAZ intends to roll out an automobile crane with the lifting capacity of 40 tonnes. The production of both models is supposed to begin by the end of 2018. They will be assembled at premises of the mechanical engineering enterprise Mogilevtransmash in Mogilev. The cranes will borrow the best components from the two automakers: Chinese equipment will be mounted upon a Belarusian chassis.

It will be the first time automobile cranes with such performance will be made in Belarus. They will satisfy the domestic demand in addition to expanding the export of utility vehicles to other countries, said Zoomlion-MAZ Director Yuri Pivovarov. The products will face virtually no competition in the CIS as far as value for money is concerned. Besides, these vehicles will be made in Belarus with a high degree of localization.

The 60-tonne automobile crane ZMC-60 will be fitted with a lifting arm able to reach as high as 57.8 meters above the ground. The lifting arm will be rigid in order to do the job with precision in strong winds. Due to an optimal distribution of stress the entire structure will be as stable as possible and more reliable than conventional automobile cranes.

The crane will use the time-tried MAZ 6516 chassis with an 8x4 wheel formula and Continental tires. The driver's cab can be tilted by 20 degrees for a better view. The crane can be controlled using hydraulic joysticks. An air conditioner is one of the comfort options.

The 40-tonne automobile crane ZMC-40 will be fitted with the longest lifting arm in the 40-tonne crane class — 39.2 meters long (47.2 meters with a fly jib). The lifting arm will rest on a MAZ 6516 chassis with a 302hp engine. The automobile crane will be designed to last for ten years or at least 29,200 engine hours before an overhaul.

Earlier Zoomlion-MAZ Company started the batch production of ZMC-25 automobile cranes with the lifting capacity of 25 tonnes. The first few batches have already been shipped to customers in Russia and Belarus.

The company director said: “Within one year we've moved from blueprints to batch production. A well-developed aftersales service chain has been established in addition to design, production, and certification. Zoomlion-MAZ Company has become a full-fledged producer, which can operate on markets of several countries. At the same time we complement the workload of Mogilevtransmash Company by creating new jobs.”

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