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02 July 2020, 19:59

Belarusian Cement Company's cement sales on home market 12.1% up in January-May

Belarusian Cement Mill. An archive photo
Belarusian Cement Mill. An archive photo

MINSK, 2 July (BelTA) – Enterprises belonging to the holding company Belarusian Cement Company have increased sales on the home market by 12.1%, the press service of the Belarusian Architecture and Construction Ministry told BelTA.

In January-May the enterprises made 1.835 million tonnes of cement, 82,800 tonnes more than they did in January-May 2019. The output growth rate amounted to 104.7%. Domestic market sales growth rate amounted to 112.1%, which testifies to the growing interest in products made by Belarusian companies.

In January-May 2020 OAO Belarusian Cement Mill increased output by 5.5% in comparison with the same period of last year. The company shipped 656,600 tonnes of cement to customers (3.6% up), including 407,800 tonnes to customers in Belarus (13.8% up).

OAO Krasnoselskstroymaterialy reported an output growth rate of 116.1% in January-May. The company sold 568,300 tonnes of cement, with the growth rate at 100.2%.

In January-May 2020 OAO Krichevtsementnoshifer increased output by 5.5% and shipped over 465,000 tonnes of cement to customers. The sales growth rate totaled 109.6% as against January-May 2019.

Belarusian Cement Company is working hard to optimize logistics and expand the distribution chain. The company has signed contracts with major retailers and hypermarkets. The company also closely cooperates with the national mail service operator Belpochta and the refueling stations chain Belorusneft. Thanks to the convenient location of cement retail outlets at the refueling stations motorists buy cement in bags of 15kg and 25kg without problems, the ministry said. In January-May 2020 Belarusian Cement Company sold 7,254.5 tonnes of cement in this manner (5,215.2 tonnes in the same period of last year). Belarusian Cement Company intends to sell at least 18,000 tonnes of cement via Belorusneft's refueling stations. Slightly more than 15,900 tonnes of cement was sold via Belorusneft's refueling stations in 2019.

Cement and other construction materials can be easily ordered by mail. Belarusian Cement Company intends to sell at least 4,000 tonnes of cement by mail in 2020. It sold 446.7 tonnes like that in January-May 2020.

Belarusian Cement Company also constantly works to expand the product choice and introduce new kinds of products. Thus, OAO Krasnoselskstroymaterialy has started making virtually universal cement-and-sand mixture. This mixture can be used for many purposes as part of the construction process. Belarusian Cement Mill is busy certifying a new kind of portland cement, which production began in May. The product is cheaper yet its quality is unimpaired.

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