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09 February 2024, 09:00

Belarus to build poultry farm in Tashkent, dairy plant in Samarkand

TASHKENT, 9 February (BelTA) - Belarus will build a poultry farm in Tashkent and a dairy plant in Samarkand, Belarusian Agriculture and Food Minister Sergei Bartosh told the media on 8 February, BelTA has learned.

“We have developed a project to build a poultry farm to grow broilers of about 70-75,000 tonnes per year. The implementation of the project has already started: a feed mill has been purchased, land has been obtained. There is also a brand – Jo’ja (Chicken),” Sergei Bartosh said.

A poultry farm will be built in Tashkent. There is also a plan to build a dairy plant in Samarkand. Belarus’ Savushkin Product may become a partner in this project. The plant will process local raw materials as well. “There are enough raw materials, but they are not processed, but simply sold among the population,” the minister said.

The finished products can be sold to the markets of third countries, for example, Afghanistan. The presidents of Belarus and Uzbekistan paid special attention to this topic during the talks in Tashkent. 

“We have agreed to build factories to produce chicken meat and eggs. This is not because Uzbekistan lacks something, but because we (it was the president’s idea) can sell these products to the neighbors, first of all, to the Afghans. We stick to this down-to-earth approach. And we are ready to work together. In other words, we tried to be pragmatic during our talks and proceeded from the needs of the people of Uzbekistan, Belarus and their neighbors; you know, you cannot choose neighbors, they are sent by God. And I support the policy of the Uzbekistan president who is trying to build good human relations with its southern neighbor Afghanistan.” 

Uzbekistan also wants to try Belarusian potatoes and has already ordered a batch of 20 tonnes. “The Belarusian experience is very interesting to us. A very good scientific community is working there to develop new varieties of fruit and vegetables. We grow potatoes, but the yield is several times lower. We have plans to test Belarusian potato varieties. They will soon be delivered. We will start growing and testing new varieties this season,” Uzbekistan’s Minister of Agriculture Ibrokhim Abdurakhmonov said.
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