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31 October 2022, 10:50

Belarus threshes 1m tonnes of maize

MINSK, 31 October (BelTA) – A total of 1 million tonnes of maize for grain have been threshed in Belarus, BelTA learned from the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of early 31 October, grain and leguminous crops (including maize) were harvested from 95.4% of the planned area (2.283 million hectares). Harvesting was completed on 98.4% of the area (392,900 hectares) in Brest Oblast, 99.6% (356,600 hectares) in Vitebsk Oblast, 93.8% (375,800 hectares) in Gomel Oblast, 96% (339,900 hectares) in Grodno Oblast, 94.8% (497,300 hectares) in Minsk Oblast, and 90.1% (351,100 hectares) in Mogilev Oblast. All in all, 9,018,000 tonnes of grain were threshed in Belarus.

Maize for grain was harvested from an area of 145,000ha (56.4%), producing 1.003 million tonnes with the average yield at 70.1 centners per hectare. Maize meant for silage and green fodder was harvested from an area of 917,500 hectares, or 94.4% of the target.

“So far we have threshed almost 10 million tonnes of grain in Belarus, including maize, rapeseed and coleseed. Some 934,000 tonnes of rapeseed and coleseed have been threshed,” said Vasily Yadlovsky, head of the Crop Production Department of the Agriculture and Food Ministry.

Sugar beet was harvested from 74,200 hectares, which made up 79.4% of the targeted area. Potatoes were cleared from the area of 25,600 hectares or 98.6% of the plan. Other vegetables were harvested from 5,150 hectares or 76.4% of the targeted area.

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