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25 January 2018, 17:17

Belarus government to look into ways to support new branches of animal husbandry industry

Sheep farm
Sheep farm

LOGOISK DISTRICT, 25 January (BelTA) – The Belarus government will look into ways to support the development of new branches of the animal husbandry industry, BelTA learned from Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov during his working trip to Logoisk District, Minsk Oblast on 25 January.

The development of individual branches of the Belarusian animal husbandry industry was discussed as the head of government visited the enterprises BelKumysProm and Eastern Sheep. BelKumysProm is Belarus' only mare milk producer. Mare milk is a natural therapeutic product. The prime minister said: “The enterprise has been created and staffed but there are some problems with increasing the output and getting positive financial results. Using mare milk correctly as a valuable resource is one of the things to think about.” Pasteurized mare milk has to be sold within ten days, this is why a smoothly operating system is needed to sell mare milk fast.

Support for dairy companies was mentioned during the discussion. In particular, the lack of support for mare milk producers was pointed out. Mare milk is as useful as cow milk yet producers of the former cannot get state support on par with producers of the latter. “We will think about it most seriously, too,” noted Andrei Kobyakov.

Sheep husbandry can be a promising avenue as well. “We are now talking about restoring sheep husbandry for meat purposes at a brand new quality level. Meat sells well, all things considered. We believe it is underrepresented in Belarusian shops. The price may not be all that fair. It could be more affordable,” said the prime minister.

Speaking about the sheep farm Eastern Sheep, Andrei Kobyakov stated that things are complicated for now. “They have to develop the technology from scratch. Personnel need to be trained. But we believe that the project, which has been implemented with assistance of Iranian investments, will increase output figures, too, to a point that can secure positive financial results. We believe that BelKumysProm and Eastern Sheep have a good future ahead of them,” said Andrei Kobyakov.

While on a tour of the mechanical engineering enterprise Amkodor-Logoisk, Andrei Kobyakov saw the machines the enterprise makes for timber industry — harvesters and forwarders. Andrei Kobyakov said that this year the government wants Belarusian enterprises to make some 500 machines of various types for the timber industry. Not only modernized woodworking enterprises will increase their manufacturing capacity in the near future. Other enterprises will do the same, including Svetlogorsk Pulp and Paper Mill. Modern machines are needed to keep the companies supplied with raw materials, noted the prime minister.

At present Amkodor-Logoisk employs about 200 people. The figure is expected to double in the mid-term future taking into account plans to expand the output. Over 80% of the local products are intended for other branches of the holding company Amkodor. The enterprise accounted for 10.6% of Logoisk District's industrial output in 2017. The enterprise turned out Br20.3 million worth of merchandise or 243.5% as against 2016.

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