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Photos courtesy of the Belarusian customs service
Belarus testing digital technologies to track customs transit
13 March, 17:53
Hard work is in progress in Belarus to create the national part of the united Eurasian Economic Union transit system. A pilot project was launched in Belarus in late February and will affect five major border checkpoints at the Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, and Ukrainian sections of the border.
Alexander Kuchinsky. Archive photo
Head of Association of Belarusian Banks elected deputy chairman of FBA EAC Coordinating Council
13 March, 17:05
The Association of Belarusian Banks joined the FBA EAC last year. Today, domestic financial institutions and their clients have the opportunity to participate in various programs implemented by the association.
Alexander Subbotin. An archive photo
Transnational corporation might be set up in EAEU
13 March, 16:20
Members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) are in talks over establishment of a big transnational corporation, Alexander Subbotin, Member of the EEC Board (Minister) in charge of Industry and Agriculture, said.
Ambassador Nikolai Borisevich
Netherlands shows growing interest in joint ventures with Belarus
13 March, 16:07
“We can see a growing interest from Dutch businessmen in setting up new joint ventures in Belarus, first of all, in woodworking, agriculture, logistics, energy, and healthcare,” Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to the Netherlands Nikolai Borisevich said.
Armen Ghevondyan and Vladimir Koltovich. Photo courtesy of MART
Belarus, Armenia to bolster mutual trade
13 March, 08:59
The matter was discussed at a meeting between Belarus Minister of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade Vladimir Koltovich and Armenia's Ambassador to Belarus Armen Ghevondyan on 12 March.
An archive photo
South Korean company eager to import Belarusian sawn timber via commodity exchange
12 March, 19:35
Top executives of the South Korean company visited the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange HQ the other day. Prospects of using BUCE's assistance to arrange direct shipments of Belarusian commercial timber to the Republic of Korea were discussed.
Alexander Shumilin. Archive photo
Belarus' high-technology export up by 20% to $14bn in 2018
12 March, 18:12
“We have significantly increased the export of IT services, advanced into new markets, launched supplies of high-technology products to Spain, African countries,” Chairman of Belarus' State Science and Technology Committee Alexander Shumilin said.
Photo courtesy of the National Center for Marketing and Price Study of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Belarus taking part in Meble Polska 2019 in Poznan
12 March, 17:19
Belarus is represented at the furniture forum by Slonimdrevmebel, Ivatsevichdrev, Slavyanskaya Stolitsa Factory, ZOV-Plita, and others.
Belarusian forestry machines showcased in Russia's Bashkortostan
12 March, 15:07
Advantages of the Belarusian forestry machines were showcased in field conditions of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation.
Belarus plans to launch product traceability system in 2020
12 March, 11:37
The document was drawn up with a view to promoting an electronic document flow in the country, preventing grey imports, increasing transparency in the movement of goods.
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