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No official Russian proposals to buy Belarusian oil refineries yet
10 January, 15:38
Reports about Russia allegedly considering buying Belarusian oil refineries in order to compensate for Belarus' losses caused by the so-called tax maneuver were released via Russian Telegram channels the other day and spread by mass media later on.
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Belarus-Russia intergovernmental group drawing up agenda of future talks
10 January, 14:35
The first session of the working group has not been scheduled yet. The agenda will be dominated by financial and economic matters.
EBRD plans to buy stake in Belinvestbank in H1 2019
10 January, 14:16
According to him, the main task of the transaction is to beef up the bank to attract a strategic investor in the future.
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EBRD eager to buy out state share in Belarusian Priorbank in Q1 2019
10 January, 13:49
It will be a portfolio investment for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The main shareholder – Raiffeisen – may buy this package from the EBRD in the future. When it may happen has not been discussed yet.
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EBRD invests over €360m in Belarusian economy in 2018
10 January, 11:59
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) invested more than €360 million in 21 projects in Belarus. This is the highest ever result since the Bank launched its operations in the country, Alexander Pivovarsky said.
Photo courtesy of the Hi-Tech Park
Some 500 foreigners hired in Belarus' Hi-Tech Park in wake of Digital Economy Development Ordinance
9 January, 19:17
Most of the foreigners are citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. Purposeful work is in progress in Belarus to hire highly qualified foreign specialists. In particular, the list of categories of persons, which employment in Belarus does not require special permits, is being expanded.
Belarusians keep selling foreign currency
9 January, 19:05
In 2018 natural persons sold the equivalent of $9.089 billion in cash and cashless forms and bought $7.974 billion worth of foreign currency. The net sale of foreign currency by natural persons was close to $1.115 billion.
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Belarus to cooperate with World Bank's Human Capital Project
9 January, 11:57
The group is expected to outline ways to improve the country's human capital policy and, if necessary, to submit relevant suggestions to the government.
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Belarus to boost oil production in 2019
9 January, 10:56
In 2019 Belorusneft is set to expand oil production by 20,000 tonnes over 2018 up to 1.690 million tonnes. The reserve growth should fully make up for production growth.
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Belaruskali makes record high amount of fertilizers in 2018
8 January, 19:21
For the first time on record Belaruskali made over 12 million tonnes of high-quality mineral fertilizers per year, the company's Director General Ivan Golovaty said. The executive also talked about investment projects and innovative projects, which implementation will open new prospects for the company.
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