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Another contest of small business investment projects open in Belarus
Small businesses, which are registered and operate in Belarus and are eligible for state financial support in line with presidential decree No.255 “On some measures of state support for small entrepreneurship”, are invited to participate in the contest.
The Petrikovsky mining and processing factory. An archive photo
Belaruskali to commission Petrikovsky mining and processing factory in 2021
14 January, 16:14
The CEO said: “It is not a delay. It is on schedule. It is impossible to launch an enterprise and reach the designed output capacity right away: once it is commissioned in 2021, the enterprise will need three years to reach the designed output capacity.”
An archive photo
Eurasian Development Bank to lend $400m to Belaruskali
14 January, 16:05
Andrei Belyaninov said: “The size of the loan is $400 million. The company's business is geared towards export, this is why we have no qualms about signing it without government guarantees. We believe it is mutual trust.”
Vladimir Kukharev. An archive photo
Profit margin within 5% for buyer-funded developments in Belarus
14 January, 15:17
Vladimir Kukharev emphasized that the decree seeks to reduce housing prices for all types of buyers. At present housing with the 5% profit margin limit is already built for people on the waiting list for better housing.
Dmitry Krutoi. An archive photo
Government procurement in Belarus to more vigorously switch to online operations
14 January, 15:01
Dmitry Krutoi said: “Instructions have been given to digitize the entire process so that the expert community and mass media could use the relevant information resources to analyze procurement operations of various organizations and government bodies.”
An archive photo
Lukashenko supports container-deposit draft decree
14 January, 14:47
“This is a return to the tried-and-true Soviet deposit-refund system which required the collection of a monetary deposit on beverage containers at the point of sale and the payment of refund value to the consumers. We suggest applying such regulations for plastic, glass and tin bottles and cans from 100ml to 3L,” the vice premier said.
Dmitry Krutoi. An archive photo
Belarus unwilling to pay same premium to Russian oil companies
14 January, 14:34
Dmitry Krutoi said: “We still believe that there is no sense in paying the amounts of premiums we agreed on in 2011 due to the implementation of the tax maneuver and annual increases in prices for the oil Belarus buys due to the lower customs duty.”
Belarus, Russia's Bashkortostan discussing opportunities for cooperation in petrochemical industry
14 January, 13:32
The head of the Russian company informed the Belarusian diplomat about how Belarusian petrochemical and gas enterprises can benefit from technologies for cleansing oil, associated petroleum gas, and furnace oil from hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan.
Dmitry Krutoi speaks at the meeting
Full ban on intermediaries' participation in procurement seen as inadvisable in Belarus
14 January, 11:57
The full ban on intermediaries' participation in procurement is not advisable, Belarus' First Vice Premier Dmitry Krutoi said at the meeting of the president with the Council of Ministers senior members.
Plans to design self-driving cars in China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone
13 January, 19:59
Industrial Park Development Company has signed an agreement with OOO International Intelligent Machines on setting up an R&D center in the park for designing driverless cars. The Chinese company is supposed to perform R&D work in the area of self-driving vehicles.
OAO Kamvol premises. An archive photo
Belarusian Kamvol to start making woolen fabric
13 January, 19:13
The new manufacturing division will be able to make 1 million running meters of woolen fabric per annum. The enterprise is supposed to reach the designed output capacity in 2024. The trademark of the largest Belarusian textile company Sukno will be preserved.
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