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Dmitry Krutoi. A file photo
Belarus open to investors as much as possible, official says
16 January, 18:49
According to the source, nowadays Belarus is open to investors to the max and pursues a policy of encouraging private investments. Dmitry Krutoi spoke at length about preferences available in the course of investing in Belarus.
An archive photo
Belarus expected to finish 2018 with foreign trade surplus
16 January, 17:02
“The merchandise trade balance will be roughly the same as it was in 2017. As for trade in merchandise and services, we are likely to beat the year 2017 figure and we will have a surplus,” said the first deputy minister of foreign affairs.
Keramin. An archive photo
France's Villerupt to purchase Belarusian finishing materials for its new neighborhood
16 January, 16:48
There are plans to use Belarusian finishing materials in the new residential neighborhood built up with Belarusian detached houses in the French town of Villerupt.
Vasily Drobotov and Sergei Kamornikov commission the oil product pipeline
First long-range oil product pipeline commissioned in Belarus
16 January, 15:43
The pipeline allows delivering diesel fuel and gasoline from the oil refinery Naftan to Belorusneft's oil product storage facilities in Krulevshchizna, Vitebsk Oblast and Fanipol, Minsk Oblast.
Andrei Yevdochenko
MFA: Belarus' interest in joining WTO remains high
16 January, 14:14
Belarus' interest in joining the World Trade Organization remains high. We intend to continue negotiations with trading partners, Belarus First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Yeudachenka said.
A file photo
Tweaked terms for seventh tranche of EFSD loan for Belarus authorized
16 January, 13:55
The terms of the final tranche of the loan had to be adjusted due to shifts in the schedule for implementing the measures the program stipulates within the framework of the first six tranches.
Photo courtesy of the Business Promotion Council
Belarus' Business Promotion Council to help resolve land allocation issues
16 January, 09:08
The existing procedure of allocating land plots is believed to have a significant deterrent effect on investments, as it discourages the business from implementing long-term investment projects.
An archive photo
New automobile sales in Belarus 54% up in 2018
15 January, 19:58
The top-selling brands in 2018 included Renault (11,300), Lada (10,400), Volkswagen (6,900), Geely (3,300), and Ford (1,100). The most popular models were Lada Vesta, Volkswagen Polo, and Renault Logan. Geely Atlas was the sixth most popular model.
Photo courtesy of BelAZ
BelAZ makes maiden shipment of dump trucks to Philippines
15 January, 18:28
The company shipped six BelAZ-7555В dump trucks with the lifting capacity of 55 tonnes. They were installed and commissioned into operation on Cebu Island in late December 2018.
Photo courtesy of Bellesbumprom
Belarusian furniture manufacturers featured at IMM Cologne 2019
15 January, 17:47
Belarusian furniture manufacturers are participating in IMM Cologne 2019 with a single exposition. It features Molodechnomebel, Ivatsevichdrev, Gomel Furniture Factory Progress, ZovLenEvromebel, Gomeldrev, Mogilevdrev, Rechitsadrev, Fandok, Almaz-Luks, Barro.
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