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Andrei Zhishkevich. An archive photo
EBRD's assistance with pre-privatization of Belarusian Vitebskdrev under consideration
20 March, 19:16
“It is an early stage, during which the EBRD will start examining the company's state of affairs in order to understand its potential, including its appeal for investors,” Andrei Zhishkevich explained. “We look at it as consulting.”
Belarus' Mogilev Oblast, Uzbekistan's Jizzakh Region agree on cooperation
20 March, 18:05
Uzbekistan would like to learn about Mogilev's best practices in large-scale dairy production, including forage, cattle management, livestock breeding, and product processing.
Belarusian-Chinese car maker limits trade markup on spare parts
20 March, 17:57
Components are made in China. They are sold to Belarus and Russia at the same price. “Then the parts are sold to our dealers, who set the final price that consumers can see. It turned out that retail markups were unjustifiably high,” he said.
Archive photo
Belarus, Georgia to set up tractor assembly plant
20 March, 17:32
Belarus is interested in setting up a joint Belarus-Georgia tractor assembly plant in Georgia. In turn, Georgia would like to open a store in Belarus to sell its agricultural products.
Archive photo
BelGee to produce executive-class sedans
20 March, 16:50
“We are working on new modifications of the car. This is an executive-class sedan which belongs to the new Geely Emgrand GT generation. In the second half of 2019, we intend to produce 100 cars and see what the demand is,” BelGee Acting Director General Gennady Svidersky said.
Belarus' central bank expects interest rates to continue gradually falling
20 March, 16:01
The official said: “The gradual reduction trend will remain in place. But a lot will depend on inflation levels in the country, on inflation expectations. We estimate inflation expectations to be twice as much as the actual inflation level right now.”
Alexander Turchin
Belarus, Stadler plan more joint projects
20 March, 15:37
When speaking to the media Belarus' First Vice Premier Alexander Turchin outlined possible areas of future projects: “This can be mechanical engineering. Some projects, however, are not related to the main line of business of the company.”
Central bank describes inflation situation in Belarus as predicted, within forecast range
20 March, 15:37
The official said: “Inflation is getting a bit faster now. We've already said that inflation will be above the target figure in H1 2019. Technically so far we can see that we are within the forecast range.”
Photo courtesy of TASS
Russian parliament ratifies Belarusian-Russian protocol on oil, oil products
20 March, 15:10
The protocol clarifies the procedure for agreeing indicative balances of oil and oil products, the procedure for changing the balances as well as other matters of cooperation relating to oil and oil products.
Stadler rolls out four-car train for Minsk metro
20 March, 13:23
In January 2017, Minsk Metro and Stadler Minsk signed an agreement for the delivery of ten trains for the city of Minsk. Delivery of the first six trains is planned for 2019. The entire batch is to be delivered by 2020.
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