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An archive photo China-Belarus industrial park, opportunities for investment in Belarus presented in Moscow
At present the park is home to nearly 60 resident companies from 16 countries, including China, Russia, Austria, Germany, Israel, Canada, the USA, Switzerland, the UAE, with the planned volume of investment in high-tech economy sectors in excess of $1.2 billion.
Dmitry Krutoi
Belarus' new development program to use solutions of WB roadmap
Yesterday 10:31
The groundwork laid during the work on the roadmap with the World Bank will be used while elaborating the 2025 development program for Belarus, First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Krutoi said.
Photo courtesy of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Belarus-UK post-Brexit cooperation discussed in London
Yesterday 10:05
The sides exchanged views on a number of specific projects in manufacturing, green technology, environmentally friendly public and commercial transport, financial sector, information technology and a number of other areas.
An archive photo
Increase in commercial traffic flow in Belarus in 2019
Yesterday 09:00
Forwarders appreciate efforts to make customs clearance more convenient in Belarus, therefore the number of truckers crossing the Belarusian border increases, the chief of the Belarusian customs service said.
Photos courtesy of the Transport and Communications Ministry
Belarus, Mongolia to advance cooperation in transport, logistics
27 January, 19:11
The memorandum will be in effect for five years. It provides for advancing Belarus-Mongolia cooperation and for implementing joint projects. The sides also came to a verbal agreement to encourage investments for enabling free conditions for transportation in the sphere of transport and logistics.
Archive photo
Belarus' Brest Oblast plans to build 12 boiler houses on local fuels
27 January, 17:51
“The goal is to gradually replace natural gas with local fuels, to save foreign currency. In that way we can reduce the thermal energy cost by almost a quarter,” Sergei Ananyev noted.
Yuri Senko
Share of transit freight at Belarusian border at 70%
27 January, 17:42
The official said: “Only 30% of the freight is processed at the border as goods intended for Belarus, Belarusian goods. The other 70% is transit goods bound for other countries. Goods intended for the Russian Federation or being exported from the Russian Federation represent 80% of the transit freight.”
Access to EAEU electricity market to benefit Belarus once nuclear power plant goes online
27 January, 13:53
According to Igor Komarovsky, access to services of natural monopolies will be secured. As a signatory to the protocol Belarus will be able to diversify electricity import and export. Apart from that, the legal framework for bona fide competition on the electricity market will be enabled.
Dmitry Rogozin. Photo courtesy of TASS
Roscosmos head: Belarus' science contributes to space industry development
27 January, 10:33
Belarus has preserved its main, human, capital. There are a lot of smart, intellectually developed people in the country who will fit into our common work, and we would be happy to work together,” Director General of Roscosmos State Corporation Dmitry Rogozin said.
Norwegian oil reaches Belarus' Naftan
27 January, 09:04
A train consisting of 59 cars with the total volume of about 3,500 tonnes arrived at the Novopolotsk rail station from the Klaipeda port at 8.10 on 26 January. The whole batch of Norwegian oil (86,000 tonnes), delivered by Breiviken, is to be supplied to the plant within the next two weeks.
An archive photo
Mozyr Oil Refinery eager to keep working
24 January, 19:58
“We are working in an optimal technological mode. The full range of products compliant with international quality standards is being made,” the source specified in response to speculations voiced as part of the discussion about alternative oil deliveries to Belarus.
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