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OSCE seminar to teach one-stop shop practice, paperless trade in Belarus
6 March, 13:23
The seminar is expected to become a venue for discussing the assimilation of a one-stop shop system and a national paperless trade system in Belarus taking into account the best international practices and standards.
Gomel Oblast's export of tourism services 26.4% up in 2018
5 March, 19:37
Gomel Oblast managed to hit its assigned target of $14.4 million in 2018. Gomel Oblast was the leader in terms of the growth rate of export of tourism services and had the third place after Minsk and the oblast in terms of the volume of export of tourism services.
First container train full of Belarusian woodworking products off to Romania
5 March, 19:08
In the past Belarusian wood chips were delivered to Romania in gondola cars as part of mixed-cargo trains with travel times longer than optimal ones. Dedicated container trains will be able to reduce delivery times, driving up the export of woodworking products.
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Belarus looking into South Korean experience of digital transformation of industrial sector
5 March, 18:50
Members of the delegation looked into key aspects of organization of digital transformation of the industrial sector in South Korea as part of the program, which has enabled the sharing of the best practices with a view to possibly adopting them in Belarus.
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Belarus government seeks ways to offset trade deficit with Russia
5 March, 17:01
The deficit in trade with Russia had risen to $10 billion. It was partially counterbalanced by good trade numbers with other countries. All in all, Belarus ran a foreign trade surplus in 2018.
Business councils of Belarus, Russia to hold joint meeting in summer
5 March, 16:13
According to the executive director, businessmen of the two countries suggest considering issues related to amendments to the documents that regulate mutual access for goods to the markets.
EBRD to provide $11.3m loan to build two biogas plants in Belarus
5 March, 15:43
The money will be given to two companies founded by Lithuania's Modus Group. The two plants will have the total capacity of 3mW.
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Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange accredits first broker in Germany
5 March, 14:27
The new broker intends to help German companies buy Belarusian casein and whey powder. Apart from that, considering the steadily high demand for Belarus-made wood chips, fuel granules, OWA-Handel UG intends to help export these products to Germany, Denmark, and other European Union countries.
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Leasing portfolio of Belarusian companies up by over 100% since 2014
5 March, 12:45
Belarus' central bank has been regulating the country's leasing market since 2014. In 2014-2018 the leasing portfolio of Belarusian leasing companies more than doubled. In 2018 the volume of new business of Belarusian leasing companies increased by 2.6 times in comparison with 2014.
Belarus, Russia's Udmurtia to sign agreement on cooperation
5 March, 09:54
The Council of Ministers accepted the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to sign an agreement between the Belarusian government and the government of the Udmurt Republic, the Russian Federation to develop trade, economic, sci-tech, environmental, humanitarian and cultural cooperation.
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