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21 June 2022, 14:00

What new tenants think of World Dances quarter?

New tenants of Minsk World received the keys to apartments in the houses Polka and Mazurka located in the World Dances quarter of the multifunctional entertainment, residential, business and sports complex. What are their impressions of what they saw? Let's ask them.

Happy moments from the key handover ceremony in the Polka house
Happy moments from the key handover ceremony in the Polka house

The World Dances quarter is located in the north-western part of Minsk World at the intersection of Virskaya Street and Aerodromnaya Street, which is one of the city's key thoroughfares and provides an easy access for car drivers to any corner of the Belarusian capital.

Parking on the outside of the quarter provides an easy exit to the thoroughfare!
Parking on the outside of the quarter provides an easy exit to the thoroughfare!

Parking lots are located mainly on the outside of the quarter and are adjacent to the city thoroughfare, which creates additional convenience for drivers: even during a rush hour they can easily get about the city.

The adjacent territory is located between the houses Polka and Mazurka
The adjacent territory is located between the houses Polka and Mazurka

A school will be built in the quarter. There are colorful children's towns and workout zones, which have become the “calling card" of the group of developer companies that are working on the modern look of Minsk and its new multifunctional business residential sports and entertainment complex Minsk World.

Polka house. Bright and safe children
Polka house. Bright and safe children's towns are the "calling card" of Minsk World!

There is no transit traffic in the quarter. Parents will be able to give kids and teenagers more freedom because they will have no concerns about their safety. The neighboring quarters will have kindergartens, a polyclinic, a private medical center, a mini-market with parking and a gas station. The facilities that are being built nearby will drive up the cost of one square meter in the new houses of the Minsk World multifunctional complex. These are the International Financial Center and Avia Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in the Republic of Belarus. Near there is a ground transport stop.

A public transport stop near the houses Polka and Mazurka!
A public transport stop near the houses Polka and Mazurka!

Within walking distance there will be a new city park, which will be approximately 40 hectares large. It will feature shady alleys with gazebos, fountains, basketball, volleyball and mini-football courts, workout and parkour zones, bicycle paths, a health track, a summer cafe and a rock garden.

A bird
A bird's eye view of the World Dances quarter

Polka and Mazurka are new houses of medium height. The advantages of such houses are highly appreciated all over the world. They have fewer tenants compared to high-rises. So the psychological microclimate is better, the degree of satisfaction of residents is higher, which is confirmed by architectural and sociological studies.

The medium-rise quarters stick to the principles of maximum improvement of the adjacent territory, a continuous visual connection of those living in the house with the beauty of the surrounding nature.

10-storey new houses meet environmental standards the best (crowns of trees protect against overheating, dust and noise). Medium-rise houses create a softer borderline between personal and urban space.

Medium-rise house Mazurka
Medium-rise house Mazurka

The Polka and Mazurka houses comprise 90 open-plan living apartments each. The area of the apartments vary from 31.50m2 to 62.1m2. Open-plan living is an opportunity to arrange the interior in the way you have long dreamed of, creating as much space as you need for a comfortable life. All apartments feature panoramic windows. There are balconies and loggias. Some apartments on the 7th floor have additional balconies with canopies. Comfort in these houses starts with the entrance! The ground-level entrance ensures convenience for young mothers, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Welcome to the Mazurka house, ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to the Mazurka house, ladies and gentlemen!

The Mazurka house offers an exclusive designer lobby decorated in the aesthetics of the time when balls in the best houses of Eastern Europe were held to the sounds of folk dances, which suddenly became fashionable among aristocrats. Crossing the threshold, you find yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the 19th century!

Every detail has been thought out in the lobby of the Mazurka house. There is even a mirror and a separate mailbox!
Every detail has been thought out in the lobby of the Mazurka house. There is even a mirror and a separate mailbox!

There is a sanitary room on the first floors of the Polka and Mazurka houses where caring mothers can change the baby on the changing table.

Sanitary room. Everything necessary for the good mood of mom and baby!
Sanitary room. Everything necessary for the good mood of mom and baby!

The Polka house lobby is designed in the colors of true positivity! Plenty of space for bicycles and prams. There is a high-speed low-noise elevator, too.

The Polka house lobby gives orange mood!
The Polka house lobby gives orange mood!

The first floors of the houses feature administrative and commercial premises with the area varying from 140m2 to 150m2. A fashion boutique or gourmet store, a cafe for romantic evenings, a pharmacy, a private medical office, a fitness or yoga center can be opened here. Such facilities are already successfully operating in Minsk World, and their owners are happy about the influx of customers.

Facilities in the stylobates of the Minsk World houses are visited not only by those who live in new houses, but also by those who come here to experience the atmosphere of real comfort, to look at beautiful houses, to walk along the safe, traffic-free boulevards. Cafes and stores, pharmacies and boutiques boast separate entrances and ventilation systems.

The successful business startup of those who decide to open a facility here will go in harmony with the coziness and comfort of the place. The Summer Business Promo allows you to become the owner of commercial real estate in the mixed-use complex on favorable terms!

What do the residents of the Polka and Mazurka houses say about their property? Let's give them the floor!

Aleksandr and Liliya did not hide their joy at visiting the Polka house!!

Liliya:I was very excited! When we were choosing an apartment, we visited different neighborhoods. We really like that everything is green here at Minsk World. The mixed-use complex is close to the center, but there is plenty of room for kids to play! We thought it was almost an ideal location!"

Aleksandr: I think Polka is the best Minsk World house in terms of location!

Liliya: We did not want to move to a high-rise building. .

Aleksandr: Because we wanted to know all the neighbors by name.

Liliya: And communicate, be friends with them! We have never lived in an apartment with panoramic windows, but we believe that they will give us more natural light and sun. We consider them as a big advantage.

Aleksandr: Our apartment is located in the middle of the house. We are standing right below it now!

Liliya: It means that from our windows we will see the playground where our child will play!

Aleksandr: We are really looking forward to the moment when coffee houses will open on the ground floor and we will be able to spend evenings together there!

Yelena, who bought an apartment in the Mazurka house, shared her impressions.


“We are very happy! We like the area. The house is gorgeous, the apartments are superb. We are very glad! The Minsk World multifunctional complex is a unique project of architects and city planners, because the entire infrastructure - bicycle paths, playgrounds and everything - is nearby; there are neat markings everywhere. If you need something, you can go to one of local stores!

Cafes, malls, basketball courts and other sports grounds are nearby. To be honest, we are very happy! We want to tell everyone that it is a great deal! We feel happy whenever we come here. We ourselves live in a different place, but our children live here. The prices are affordable. The housing is perfect. I really like it that it is easy to navigate the area by the names of the houses and the quarter. You can easily find information about all this on the Internet. The Minsk World architectural project deserves the best rating! It is really cool! We love it!”

Zhanna and her daughter moved in to the Polka house

“Everything is fine, everything is beautiful. The house is cozy! Impressions are very good. Everything is great! The playground is absolutely amazing! My child already uses the slide. It is great to have bathrooms on the first floor of our new house. Wonderful panoramic windows are another advantage. Everything is convenient. The metro is nearby. Transport communication is excellent. I really like it!"

Irina also chose the Polka house with its “orange mood”!

“Emotions are the most positive. You enter, you see the lobby, its colors please the eye, it cheers you up! The orange color is a powerful mood booster! You go up to your floor - and everything is just as good there! You enter your apartment and see what you dreamed of seeing! A great apartment with a great view from the window! When you enter a house of the Minsk World complex, you feel like it is not an ordinary house, but a building where you can comfortably sit and relax if you forgot the keys to your apartment. You can linger in your favorite lobby and wait for your relatives enjoying yourself and relaxing after a hard day. What we have here is wonderful, practical, modern and stylish. I think that all our tenants will be happy. The most important thing is to take care of what we have. And what the builders did!”

Olga turned out to be a native of the area!

“I was born and raised here, I went to School No. 90 located nearby. My whole childhood passed in this area! When the construction works at Minsk World began, I started considering buying an apartment here. And it so happened that I managed to do it. We are very happy! I love this area very much. And before the delivery of our house, I would walk around, watch and wait, I was really looking forward to the end of the construction works! I feel at home here. I am very glad. I hope that my life here will be comfortable and happy. I wanted to choose a low-rise house for myself. I feel much more comfortable in low-rise buildings. It is great! You get a lot of light and the feeling of flying! When you go down outdoors, you can go to a fitness studio or a shop, spend some time in a cafй. It is remarkable when everything is nearby although I can drive a car and ‘the problem of distance' has never existed for me. I can drive to any part of the quarter or the city. But when you have everything on the first floor or in neighboring buildings, it is absolutely sick! I hope that many pleasant and comfortable venues will appear in our World Dances quarter. We will live a happy life because it is very convenient. Circular traffic is simply magnificent! I didn't feel traffic jams. I am crazy pleased with everything as far as access to transportation and the roads that have been built in this area are concerned.”

We thank the new occupants for their kind words about Minsk World and about the prestigious new-construction houses, keys to which are now in their hands!

Would you like to make the most profitable investment of your life and buy an apartment in a medium-rise comfortable house of the multifunctional complex Minsk World? It is today that a promo able to reduce the cost of square meters in certain apartments by up to €150 is available in the multifunctional business entertainment sport complex.

The promo applies among other things virtually to all the apartments in the medium-rise house Mykonos in the Mediterranean quarter. It is located one step away from the International Financial Center, which will become a transnational hub for implementing business projects, and from the shopping and entertainment center Avia Mall, where the maximum number of Belarusian and foreign brands will be represented, a large hypermarket will open, and multiple places for recreation of children and adults will appear. An entrance to the metro station Aerodromnaya, which is tentatively scheduled to open in June 2023, is nearby.

The Mykonos house on the right and towers of the International Financial Center on the left
The Mykonos house on the right and towers of the International Financial Center on the left

By deciding to multiply your capital and protect savings from inflation, you can make the key investment of your life by using Belinvestbank's credit program:

  • The sum of the granted loan is specified in Belarusian rubles and is not pegged to currency exchange rates.

  • Monthly payments are specified only in Belarusian rubles.

  • A preferential interest rate in the first year of lending.

  • Full or partial early repayment without extra payments and fines.

  • Minimal contribution with the client's own funds – 10%. The bank can lend up to 90% of the real estate property's cost.

  • In order to calculate the client's financial solvency, the bank can take into account the aggregate income of immediate family members.

  • The borrower becomes the owner of the apartment bought with a loan as soon as the house is commissioned.

Clients are free to get preliminary consultation from a loan specialist in the company's office on week days (9 Mstislavtsa Street, Vostok metro station, +375333028657, Yevgeny).

Are you ready to invest in a stable and comfortable future of your family? The best opportunity for that is available today. Hurry up! The short number is 7675 (the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719). Welcome to the sales offices located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street and 11 Mstislavtsa Street! The company's consultants look forward to your calls in 57 towns and cities of the country.

Minsk World -a world of happiness and comfort for You and Your kids!

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