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22 June 2024, 12:16

Volfovich: Western politicians are pushing Europe to a new devastating conflict

MINSK, 22 June (BelTA) – Some Western politicians are trying to unleash a new deadly conflict in Europe, State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Aleksandr Volfovich said on 22 June, BelTA has learned. 

On this day, the leadership of the State Secretariat of the Security Council and heads of uniformed agencies took part in a ceremony to lay flowers and wreaths at the Victory Monument in Minsk.

“On this day 83 years ago, fascist Germany treacherously invaded the Soviet Union. Its most powerful force, Army Group Center, consisting of over 50 divisions, was dispatched to defeat the Red Army in Belarus. Over 1.3 million Belarusian residents fought on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War. More than 400,000 partisans and underground fighters waged a war against the enemy deep in the rear,” said Aleksandr Volfovich.

The state secretary of the Security Council emphasized that the fascists failed to break the spirit of our grandparents and great-grandparents: “They set a goal to destroy every fourth inhabitant of our country, creating hundreds of death camps and places of mass extermination, Jewish ghettos. But it was impossible to break the spirit of our people. We remember our history and are proud of it.”

According to Aleksandr Volfovich, some politicians in the West are trying to rewrite history, destroying monuments to liberating soldiers, belittling the contribution of the Red Army to the Victory, to the liberation of European countries from the brown plague of fascism, and adding fuel to the fire of war on the territory of Ukraine.

“They are escalating tensions on the western border [of Belarus], ruining decades-long economic and humanitarian contacts between our peoples, threatening to use nuclear weapons, not understanding what this could lead to. By doing this, they are pushing Europe closer to a new devastating conflict,” said Aleksandr Volfovich.

Belarusians remember their history, are proud of it and will not let anyone erase it. “Therefore, the main task of the country’s leadership today is to maintain peace and security in the country. Peace and security are safeguarded by the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations - all elements of the national security system. Today, the country's military machine is able to repel any aggression and to inflict unacceptable damage. We value what our grandparents did, we bow our heads to their memory. Thanks to them, we live under a peaceful blue sky. We will never forget this. We will always cherish the memory of those who died for the Fatherland, who sacrificed their lives for freedom and independence,” Aleksandr Volfovich added. 
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