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31 March 2023, 20:18

Volfovich: Security issues mentioned by the president are important not only for Belarus

MINSK, 31 March (BelTA) - The security issues touched upon by the president, are important not only for Belarus, State Secretary of the Security Council Aleksandr Volfovich told the media as he commented on the President's Address to the Belarusian people and the parliament on 31 March, BelTA has learned.

“Today, as always, the president had a powerful address to the Belarusian people and the parliament. The address also touched upon the national security sector. The president offered an analysis of the situation in the world and in our country. In addition, he analyzed the strategic development of our country. National security, sustainable development of the economy and society are very important. The people of Belarus and the people of the entire world find security issues very important. The president spoke today how to achieve security in conditions of the global militarization near the borders of our country,” Aleksandr Volfovich stressed.

The state secretary of the Security Council also drew attention to the situation near the Belarusian borders. “The number of armed forces in the neighboring countries is growing. Huge funds are being spent on arms buildup. The number of exercises in Poland and Baltic states also exceeds all imaginable and unthinkable limits. Seven to nine exercises take place there every week. Two exercises are currently taking place in the immediate vicinity of our country. One of them, Crystal Arrow, is held in Latvia, where the use of multinational groups of troops for offensive purposes is practiced. The question is who this Crystal Arrow is aimed at. And also Zaliv 2023, near the border of Kaliningrad Oblast, where our neighbors also demonstrate their aggression,” the state secretary the Security Council said.

According to Aleksandr Volfovich, today the president answered what needed to be done to ensure the security of Belarus. “This speech is important not only for our people, but also for the world. It was rightly said today that not only Belarusians but also citizens of other countries listened to the president's speech. It was a message to the entire world community. Everyone needs peace, security, protection of people. People want to live and work in security. Our military organizations are doing everything possible to fulfil the task set by the president and to protect our people,” Aleksandr Volfovich concluded.

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