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15 September 2023, 18:45

Unity of Belarusians based on tolerance, eagerness for creative labor

MOGILEV DISTRICT, 15 September (BelTA) – The unity of the Belarusian nation is based on tolerance and eagerness for creative labor. Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko made the statement during a working trip to Mogilev Oblast, BelTA has learned.

Roman Golovchenko said: “People's Unity Day is the youngest holiday in our state, however, today unity is more than history. Discord in any environment, even in families begins with economic problems, everyday life problems. For instance, low salaries. On the scale of the country unity has many dimensions as well. If there are serious economic problems in the country such as macroeconomic misbalance or other problems, it will become a provocative factor for rocking the society. This is why from the point of view of economy the government does everything to ensure stability and development.”

Prime minister to review realization of investment projects, import substitution in Mogilev OblastPrime minister to review realization of investment projects, import substitution in Mogilev Oblast
The first stop was companies with a share of foreign capital in the free economic zone (FEZ) Mogilev – IOOO Omsk Carbon Mogilev and OOO BelEmsa. After that the prime minister is expected to visit a dairy complex under construction of OAO Tishovka and the natural landmark Polykovichi Wellspring.

The prime minister described this year's economic results as satisfactory. “Certainly, we will not accomplish much without the work of people,” he continued. “We can buy a lot of mechanisms and machines, but it will address only some problems. The strength of Belarusians lies in unity. If we look at it from the top of the pyramid of our state, then every one of us is a component in the foundation of this unity. It is very important for us to preserve our Belarusian spirit, our tolerance, and eagerness for creative labor. If we do, we will have unity.”

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