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05 April 2023, 15:26

Top manager names applications, sales markets for products of Belarus' Integral

Aleksandr Dudkin. A screenshot of the video
Aleksandr Dudkin. A screenshot of the video

MINSK, 5 April (BelTA) – In a new episode of BelTA's YouTube project “After the Fact: Lukashenko's Decisions”, Aleksandr Dudkin, First Deputy Director General for Marketing and Sales - Director of the Marketing Center of Integral, names industries and countries were Integral products are used.

“Integral's core business is production of electronic components. They are used in various applications, from household appliances to spacecraft and satellites. Integral has developed two business plans to scale up production. The first plan provides for ramping up the output of special and dual-use products. The second one envisages production upgrade that seeks to make products of 250nm and below,” Aleksandr Dudkin said.

According to him, Integral products are sold in 14 countries. “The main sales market is the Russian Federation, it accounts for about 78% of the company's export. The rest goes to far-arc countries, mostly China, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Singapore. An import substitution program was signed with the Russian Federation, and a roadmap was agreed upon. More than 80 types of military and civilian products will be manufactured under this program in the coming years,” Aleksandr Dudkin said.

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