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11 April 2023, 15:16

Special operations forces deployed to reinforce Belarus' southern border

GOMEL OBLAST, 11 April (BelTA) – Personnel of the special operations forces of Belarus' Armed Forces have been deployed to reinforce the southern border in several locations in Gomel Oblast, BelTA has learned.

The Belarusian army continues carrying out the head of state's instructions to reinforce sections of the southern border. The president has repeatedly raised the matter of security and protection of the country taking into account events in neighboring countries. A set of measures meant to counteract possible threats is being implemented along the southern border of the country.

Units of the special operations forces command are busy carrying out missions in designated areas of Gomel Oblast. The main goal is to ensure security of Belarus citizens, stop border trespassing, and suppress the smuggling of weapons and ammunition. Important installations, including roads and overpasses, are now guarded.

According to Vadim Bobilevich, a deputy commanding officer of the special operations forces brigade, the unit has been tasked with reinforcing sections of the southern border. “We've been here for quite a lengthy period of time. Thanks to the fuel and lubricants as well as food that are transported to us we are ready to carry out assigned missions in autonomous mode. We are deploying the relevant guard elements with this in mind. Our personnel work at a road checkpoint where vehicles and people are checked and inspected. The military personnel do their job professionally. It is not a new thing for us. Besides, classes meant to improve professionalism and combat readiness of our units are regularly held at the permanent base,” he said.

For instance, while checking people and transport at the road checkpoint the men take into account experience of Chechnya wars, peacekeeping operations in Lebanon and Russia's special military operation in Ukraine. This is why close attention is paid to vehicle inspections. Electric equipment of vehicles gets turned on to rule out terrorist attacks. In other countries explosive devices were triggered by closing an electrical circuit of the vehicle. This is why at the road checkpoint the military personnel spend time checking the operation of headlights, windshield wipers, the horn, and car windows. They open vehicle doors, the trunk and the hood. It takes but several minutes to check a vehicle.

The support team provides aerial surveillance 24/7 using drones. The drones are fitted with thermal cameras. They can fly up to 8km away at altitudes of up to 500m. Such a drone can fly at speeds up to 70 kmph in favorable weather. The imagery is analyzed in real time and additionally in the headquarters.

As part of the assignment the military personnel stay in touch with the locals. “Residents of nearby populated localities have already grown accustomed to us. They understand the situation in the neighboring country. They know that our brigade can let them work in peace and let their children study in peace. We have this understanding. And the military personnel understand that today they ensure security of not only the Motherland but their parents and people close to them,” Vadim Bobilevich stressed.

Quite important work is also being done in the field canteen. “I cook for the guys like I do for my own kids. From the bottom of my heart,” the servicewoman Natalya said. The men remark that it is probably why the food is indistinguishable from homemade cooking.

The Belarusian military personnel are rotated in and out of this posting. Belarus' Armed Forces threaten no one but they reliably protect the native country, its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and ensure peace in Belarusian land, representatives of the brigade explained.

The source stressed that it is not the first time the special operations forces have been deployed to protect the state border. The military are ready to defend the border as long as it is necessary.

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