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19 January 2023, 18:16

Researcher: Nazis turned Belarus' territory into huge death factory

Site of mass executions near Gomel
Site of mass executions near Gomel

MINSK, 19 January (BelTA) – The Belarusian territory was used to test new methods of extermination during the Great Patriotic War, Director of the Research Center for Strengthening Law and Order at the Prosecutor General's Office Igor Moroz told reporters, BelTA has learned.

The genocide is being investigated not only in the form of criminal proceedings, Igor Moroz noted. According to him, thanks to the Prosecutor General's Office the country's academic community has stepped up efforts to study the events of the Great Patriotic War and to preserve the historical memory.

A fairly large research team has been put together. It includes reputable specialists and historians, lawyers from the Academy of Sciences, the National Archives of Belarus, and leading scientific and educational institutions. This team assists investigators and implements a large research project “Genocide of the civilian population of the BSSR during the war years. Historical and legal assessment”. The purpose of this project is to eliminate contradictions and gaps in the assessment of the extermination of the BSSR population during the war years, and to study new evidence.

“It must be noted that the Nazis turned the territory of the BSSR into a huge death factory with many branches. We are talking specifically about death camps. We do not divide them into types. Sometimes classification of detention facilities is used to conceal the purpose of these camps. And the purpose was to exterminate as many people as possible,” Igor Moroz specified.

Belarus was a testing ground for new methods of destruction. In particular, Professor Aleksei Litvin deeply studied this topic. He presented compelling evidence confirming that at the beginning of the war the occupiers tried to use Belarusian swamps as a weapon. There are detailed reports of the results of such experiments. These experiments were stopped only because they turned out to be ineffective.

According to the director of the research center, all kinds of terrible, inhumane methods of extermination were used: executions, hangings, burning, poisoning. “They tried to invent the least expensive, the most economical techniques. High-tech tools were used. They did it with European pedantry and strict economic calculation disregarding the humanitarian impact. It is hard to even imagine that all that energy and all these technologies were deployed to murder people,” he said.

According to Igor Moroz, the topic of death camps on the territory of Belarus did not receive proper coverage. It is no coincidence that the Prosecutor General's Office is now widely informing the public about the outcomes of the investigation of the criminal case on the genocide, highlighting this theme in the media space. There is a widespread stereotype that people were exterminated only in concentration camps. But this is not true. Materials about that are presented in the book “Genocide of the Belarusian people. Death camps”, Igor Moroz noted.

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