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17 March 2023, 13:31

Photos about migrant crisis on border described as ‘heartbreaking'

MINSK, 17 March (BelTA) – BelTA's photo exhibition "The Border Between Life and Death" opened in the Mikhail Savitsky Art Gallery with the support of the "Sistemnaya Pravozaschita" ["Systemic Human Rights Protection"] center in Minsk on 17 March, BelTA has learned.

The exhibition features more than 100 photographs depicting the real stories and fates of migrants from different countries, including children. The exhibition aims to tell through the lens of a camera about the migrant crisis, to show the real situation on the Belarusian-Polish border. "The Belarusian president has repeatedly said that the world will be redivided, reformatted, and these photos, in my opinion, capture these processes," BelTA Director General Irina Akulovich said. “They show that people have been divided into first and second class. That a passport of the United States and the European Union means something. Meanwhile the passport of a boy who died (the photo speaks for itself) does not mean anything. He can be beaten, thrown over the fence. No one is held accountable for it. This goes unpunished and unchallenged."

"By and large, nothing has changed. The powers that be first plundered and destroyed the developing countries. Now they are finishing off people from these countries at their border. We see hypocrisy of their decisions. Has any of the poor countries gotten something out of the grain deal? No! Or did the international community help Syria after the earthquake? They say they can't do it because the country is under sanctions. Citizens of those countries are second-class for them. BelTA will turn 105 this year. We have a unique photo archive that is the true chronicle of the country's history. Since the Great Patriotic War, our archive has not seen more heartbreaking photos of children, pregnant women trying to survive, sleeping in a winter forest, freezing, beaten. This is all you need to know about European democracy, humanism and human rights,” Irina Akulovich said.

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