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12 May 2023, 13:48

Opinion: Today's descendants of Nazi criminals are trying to continue the work of their grandfathers

Mikhail Orda. Photo courtesy of the press service of the Federation of Trade Unions
Mikhail Orda. Photo courtesy of the press service of the Federation of Trade Unions

MINSK, 12 May (BelTA) - The reaction of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Victory Parade on Red Square in Moscow suggests that the Germans are still dreaming of Operation Barbarossa, said Mikhail Orda, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (FTUB), BelTA learned from the FTUB press service.

"Both Belarus and Russia have always held Victory Day parades and processions. This is our sacred right. This is the duty of the people who have not only won the war but who stopped Nazism," Mikhail Orda emphasized. “Today Mr Scholz, the leader of the country that unleashed that terrible massacre, decided to condemn the parade. He threatens and actually calls for a new war. This suggests only one thing: they did not repent and they did not forgive us for their defeat. Cunningly, in a Jesuit way, they are encroaching on us. They do have some kind of a plan. Not Barbarossa. But their goal is the same. Let's have no illusions: the collective West does not see us, the countries of the post-Soviet space, on the world map. This policy is not recent. It started a long time ago, with the Maidan in Ukraine. Today they do not act directly. They use others to pull the chestnuts out of the fire for them. They are pitting the fraternal peoples against each other. They subjugate countries by appointing their proteges to top positions there. They will not leave us alone. They are waging a hybrid war against Belarus. In 2020, they did not succeed, although they spent a lot and tried very hard. Then Belarus, as in 1941, was again the first to take the brunt of the attack by the collective West. This time this attack is economic, in the form of sanctions, but the essence has not changed. They want to strangle our country and our people again. A logical question: why are they doing it? They declare that they have always wanted to be our friends and partners and do not want to do any harm to our country. But this is exactly what they are doing. We never lectured them how to live. Never interfered in their affairs. But they, like bad hostile neighbors, are encroaching on us, trying to destroy our house."

Today they are going further and are openly trying to draw us into a military conflict, Mikhail Orda said. "They are constantly building up offensive troops and military presence near our borders," he said.

Mikhail Orda noted that for the past two years the number of military exercises near the borders of Belarus has quadrupled. Each time they give them pretentious names, something like The Defender of Europe. For example, on 22 April, NATO countries began exercises near our borders, gathering about 25,000 troops from 27 countries. In March, the influential publication Politico reported that the North Atlantic Alliance plans to deploy a 300,000 army near the borders of Russia and Belarus, Mikhail Orda said.

"Hitler once signed a non-aggression pact and promised to keep the peace. But as it turned out, it was just a guise to gather strength and destroy our country and our people. The modern Germany is doing the same. Mrs Merkel signed a peace treaty that was supposed to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. And again, as she herself admitted, it was a ruse. It was only needed to win time in order to accumulate strength for attack. The historical connection between the events is obvious,” Mikhail Orda is sure. “Nazism is rearing its head in many countries today. This is because those responsible for the deaths of more than 50 million people in World War II did not bear due responsibility. Very few Nazi fanatics who were guilty of inhumane crimes faced the Nuremberg trials. In West Germany, which fell under the protectorate of the United States and the Allies, many of Hitlerite henchmen held leadership positions. For example, a Nazi war criminal, headed the foreign intelligence service of Germany for four years, from 1958 to 1962. Even today a Swiss bank quietly services the accounts of the former high-ranking Nazis, SS officers who were able to evade responsibility.”

Those people set up more than 260 death camps on the territory of Belarus alone, Mikhail Orda said. "Those were factories for the extermination of people. One of them was Ozarichi, where people were infected with typhus so that they died in agony. Bronnaya Gora, where, for space saving purposes, the Germans drove people into trenches, shot them, stacked alive people atop of the dead and shot them and did that all over again. Ola death camp, where 1,800 people, including 950 children were shot and burned... How do we forgive this? How do we forget? I will neither forgive nor forget. The older generation did not give us such a right," Mikhail Orda added.

“We see that the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Nazi criminals rule in many European countries today. They are trying to continue the work of their grandfathers. They want to fragment our society, to nullify our morals and values. They are rewriting the history, trying to make heroes out of monsters, demolishing monuments to soldiers-liberators. These are the links in the same chain to clean up the memory of future generations and bring pain and evil to our people again. It's time for everyone to take off their rose-colored glasses and understand that under the mask of care the West brings only grief, chaos and destruction. There are plenty of examples in neighboring countries."

"How can we oppose this? Truth and faith are our power. Unity and solidity in society. The situation is like the calm before the storm. It seems that there is no wind and everything is quiet. 15 minutes on and a thunderstorm and a storm break out demolishing everything on their way. We must understand that today something very dangerous is hanging over us. Literally everyone must do their part to make sure this danger does not become a reality. Letting our guards down for a bit, losing concentration for a moment or showing some cowardice can cost the country and the entire Belarusian people dearly," Mikhail Orda concluded

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