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02 March 2021, 13:08

Opinion: Those begging West for sanctions are no longer opposition, but fifth column

MINSK, 2 March (BelTA) - Only traitors and enemies can ask, under the guise of democratic values, to impose sanctions against the Motherland and people, Nikolai Shchekin, PhD of Philosophy, Head of the Sociology of Public Administration Department at the Sociology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, said in an interview with BelTA.

“The level of global challenges is increasing exponentially. Terrorism, information wars, political blackmail, sanctions... All this is the reality of today. The West led by the United States is regrouping the political elites and leading states, formulating the tasks, which are old in essence but new in terms of technological approaches, regarding the ‘new colonization' of the non-Western world. Soon, we will witness not only deliberate chaotization of the international processes but, above all, a hardball scenario of redistribution of spheres of influence. The Western ideology is imposing on the Slavic community the concept of a new world without commitments and responsibilities,” Nikolai Shchekin noted.

Belarus is currently subjected to the unprecedented sanctions pressure, he said. "We must understand that those who, under the guise of democratic values, are asking to impose sanctions against the Motherland, their people, to close businesses and hospitals, schools and kindergartens, to destroy the service sector (hairdressers, cafes, restaurants, transport) and infrastructure, to stop paying salaries and pensions, are traitors and enemies. Let's be frank: they want to drive our country into debt, poverty and then buy it on the cheap. Unfortunately some political adventurists have not learned the historical lessons (of Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia)," Nikolai Shchekin said.

He hopes that the Belarusian people will see the true colors of these "runaway opposition". "As a citizen and a Belarusian scholar I urge you to think about it and understand that you cannot take the Motherland away in a suitcase, you cannot measure it with a dollar and you cannot build your happiness at someone else's expense. Is it really necessary to sell the soul of your people in order to learn the price of your own? By the way, many still have to learn from Aleksandr Lukashenko how to love the country and serve the people selflessly. Not everyone can sense the danger and stand up for their native land at the cost of their own future," the scholar noted.

Nikolai Shchekin wonders what freedom or what changes the opposition wants? Has anyone calculated the price of these changes? "You can criticize any government and its decision. But it's time to offer real programs and take responsibility, which means not to risk the lives of people around you. Those who kneel before the West begging for sanctions against their own country are no longer the opposition, but the fifth column. Therefore, we need to shield against the counter-elite working to destroy the historical memory, the Christian tradition sand Belarusian national ambitions. The destruction of the state, the family and religion is a new trend towards dehumanizing nations. We have a lot of questions to the Belarusian diaspora. I think it is time for it to take a stance on the creation of the homeland's security belt,” Nikolai Shchekin said. “The Belarusian people have created their statehood piece by piece, relying on their government. And it must be admitted that the government led by the president has protected its citizens from civil war, devastation, thereby showing its viability, integrity and devotion to the values and ideals of our country. The 6th Belarusian People's Congress confirmed the legitimacy of all decisions taken by the president to protect the sovereignty and independence of Belarus."

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