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16 March 2023, 19:03

Opinion: The Belarusian economy has adapted to current extreme conditions

Valery Vakulchik
Valery Vakulchik

BREST, 16 March (BelTA) – Belarus' economy has adapted for work in extreme crisis conditions and the fact represents an advantage. Valery Vakulchik, Belarus President Aide – Inspector for Brest Oblast, made the statement as he met with employees of the Brest branch of the Belarusian telecommunications giant RUP Beltelecom, BelTA has learned.

Valery Vakulchik said: “We have a remarkable advantage (it is my personal conviction): we have already adapted to life in these abnormal conditions as a result of the sanctions. In other words, we are ready for them. A crisis is gaining pace across the entire world. It will primarily affect developed countries of the West. And they are not ready for it. We have a big advantage in this regard. We have already reorganized the economy and business methods for work in these extreme conditions, so to say. It is our advantage in a changing world. I'd say it is kind of a vaccine that we've been injected with, figuratively speaking, for the sake of survival amid complicated crisis conditions. We may even be grateful for it. And certainly it is important for us to exploit this advantage instead of losing it.”

The official justified his convictions by observations concerning the work of Brest Oblast enterprises, performance of the regional economy. “I often visit enterprises and see how movement forward goes and how opportunities are being sought. Executives showed some pessimistic attitudes in summer 2022. But now, in January, February, and March the picture is totally different. It is true not only for agricultural enterprises but industrial enterprises of Brest Oblast. There are no more talks about unresolvable problems. There are talks about prospects. And not only talks. There are already projects that are going through the approval process and are already being implemented. I can see that it will give a serious impulse for further development. It is amazing, of course. It gives me joy,” the president's aide stressed.

In his opinion, everyone can do the most important thing for the country – work hard in his or her line of work. “Now we have to work well, feed ourselves, our families, make products, enable conditions for the realization of our potential. And it will be everyone's contribution to common security.”

The president's aide met with Beltelecom workers in anticipation of the 80th anniversary of the Khatyn tragedy and due to results of an investigation into the genocide of the Belarusian nation during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Brest Oblast Deputy Prosecutor Daniil Deryabin presented preliminary results of the work of the investigation team in Brest Oblast.

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