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06 April 2023, 13:27

Opinion: Major international institutions are losing their purpose

Vadim Gigin. An archive photo
Vadim Gigin. An archive photo

MINSK, 6 April (BelTA) – In a new episode of the V Teme [On Point] project on BelTA's YouTube channel Chairman of the Board of the Knowledge public association Vadim Gigin gave his take on the devaluation of major international institutions.

“We are witnessing the devaluation of the main international universal institutions and this has been going on for several years already. Take the United Nations: we can predict every vote. Indeed, countries use the right to veto and form coalitions proceeding from their own interests. Yet, the UN offers some kind of platform, we see the competition of diplomats, let them compete in rhetoric rather than on the battlefield,” said Vadim Gigin.

The expert also gave his take on other organizations: “As far as European structures are concerned, they are non-existent. What is the Council of Europe? The ideological department of their American satellites. The OSCE as an organization does not make any sense. What is the security of cooperation in Europe about? We suggested restarting the Helsinki 2 process. This is the scope of reference of the OSCE, but this initiative was ignored. International sports organizations were also politicized. They trampled over the famous ideas of Pierre de Coubertin who started the Olympic movement as a peace initiative, as an anti-war movement, where political views and ideas are secondary to humanistic ideas, to striving for physical and spiritual perfection. I think that the Olympic movement will not survive in this form, it will be necessary to re-start sports organizations, and to do a lot more,” Vadim Gigin said.

“The same applies to economy. For many years, the World Trade Organization was inviting countries to join its ranks. The Americans scrapped virtually all the rules of this trade organization. Where is this organization? It exists in form, but it doesn't exist in essence. The Bologna Process turned out to be an instrument to facilitate brain drain, to force us to embrace someone else's standards, to turn our education into a cube that can be placed somewhere and manipulated. Everything has to be created from scratch,” Vadim Gigin concluded.

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