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20 February 2023, 14:00

Minsk World: New opportunities for business!

The group of developers building the Minsk World multifunctional residential complex wishes the defenders of the Fatherland a happy holiday. And offers a discount on the purchase of commercial premises in the complex. The amount off is 5% of the value of the property!


The offer applies only to the Minsk World complex. A large number of commercial premises are offered at a discount in all quarters. Theiscounts are valid until 24 February 2023.

Minsk World – Successful business starts here!!

Any ideas and business ventures will find their support in Minsk World ! We are building an advanced multifunctional residential complex. It embraces several urban planning concepts at once: "city inside the city" and "15 minute city". This means that all the necessary infrastructure for residents is within walking distance. Yyou can get to the shopping center, place of work, metro station, public transport stop, medical center, gym, a cafe or or restaurant on foot in a quarter of an hour!

We create comfortable conditions for residents, a new quality of life. You can participate in it. Your business facilities will be popular. They will draw a great number of visitors to Minsk World, an advanced modern district. Make your own business dreams come true with us!

Many have already started their business in Minsk World!

The promo will last until 24 February 2023. There is still time to make the right choice that will ensure a stable income and well-being!

Still have questions? You can call us at short numbers 7675 and 7911.

Our landline phone numbers in Minsk are: +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719.

The group of developers of the Minsk World complex is ready to accommodate potential clients in every possible way.

Customers can take advantage of convenient financial instruments. In addition to own funds, real estate buyers can use:

  • attractive loan offers (from 4.99% in the first year)
  • installments for housing under construction for 48 and 60 months; installments for finished houses for 12 and 24 months
  • special offers for newlyweds, which are valid only until the end of February

In addition to that, customers buying apartments bigger than 53 m2 in certain houses of the quarters 12 and 22 will get an isolated storage room.

Minsk World offers small studios and European-style two-bedroom apartments. There are shell&core apartments and also ready-made homes with a finish. You can move there or rent them out right away.

The infrastructure in the Minsk World complex is getting better. The Kovalskaya Sloboda metro station of the Zelenoluzhskaya line is already up and running. The Aerodromnaya metro station of the same line is expected to open in 2023-2024. The third metro line was deliberately laid through the new neighborhood. It is here that the construction of the International Financial Center is underway. Its opening will give a boost to the domestic economy and will have an impact on the prices for the Minsk World property.

The short numbers are 7675 and 7911, the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719. Feel free to come to the office located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street! Consultants of the group of real estate development companies look forward to your calls and visits in 57 cities and towns across Belarus.

Minsk World: Place for your business!

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