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09 May 2023, 20:38

Khrenin: We will do everything to discourage anyone from telling Belarusians how to live their lives

MINSK, 9 May (BelTA) – Everything will be done in Belarus so that nobody would dare tell Belarusians how they should live in their own land. Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin made the statement during the ceremony to lay wreaths at the Victory Monument in Minsk on the occasion of the 78th anniversary of the Great Victory, BelTA has learned.

The official pointed out that a global military confrontation had been unleashed between the Western civilization and the Eastern Slavonic one. Battles are taking place on all the fronts. A massive war by proxy is in progress, with the West using Ukrainians to secure its own interests and ensure the ability to continue enforcing its order upon the world. “Ukraine is being pumped full of weapons. The countries that border on Belarus brazenly engage in Russophobia and are ready to throw their nations into the grinder of the war in the second echelon. We see how the militarization of Poland and the Baltic states is gaining pace,” Viktor Khrenin stated.

In his words, the massive multinational military exercise Defender Europe with an unprecedented number of participants began literally the other day. “The goals are obvious. With such actions individual Western politicians only push the planet into the abyss, trying to light the fire of World War Three in Europe's territory. Our army is ready to repulse anyone, who tries to violate the sacred borders of the Belarusian state. We will do everything so that no one would dare tell Belarusians how they should live in their own land,” the defense minister stressed.

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