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16 January 2021, 18:22

Housing construction for large families in full swing in Minsk in 2021

MINSK, 16 January (BelTA) – Plans have been made to authorize housing construction in Minsk in 2021 for about 1,600 large families in need of better housing, BelTA learned from First Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Dmitry Mikulenok on 16 January.

The official said that some 4,200 families were authorized housing construction in Minsk in 2020. “If we continue moving as fast, we will soon begin building homes for people in need of better housing on general terms, including employees of specific companies and enterprises,” Dmitry Mikulenok said. “This year we intend to authorize housing construction for about 1,600 large families. We are about to fulfill the head of state's instruction – to begin housing construction within one year of their registration as a family in need of better housing.”

The official added that not every family accepts what the city administration can offer although each is free to choose out of 6-7 options. “About 800 families have decided against housing construction due to various reasons. Some are not satisfied with the location, some are unhappy about the size of the apartment or the price per square meter,” Dmitry Mikulenok added. “We offer large apartments as well as one-bedroom, two-bedroom ones. The available options are plentiful. We had some 6,000 apartment options on offer last year and about 1,000 rolled over into this year.”

Single-family houses such as those in the Zatsen area are in demand as well. All the houses built for large families over there in 2020 have been distributed. “We are going to build single-family houses in the Sokol area as well. Quite attractive ones. They will be offered primarily to large families. If they reject them, we will offer the houses to the rest of the families on the housing register. In other words, we will move on to the general housing register,” the official said.

“Our job is to offer as many options as possible starting with the Sukharevo area and ending with the Sokol area. Everyone is free to choose what they like. We are going to offer economy-class housing in Angarskaya Street in Zavodskoi District this year. If someone wants something more expensive, the city can offer it as well,” Dmitry Mikulenok concluded.

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