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29 December 2022, 19:47

Gorbakha villager shaken by shockwave upon Ukrainian missile's drop

IVANOVO DISTRICT, 29 December (BelTA) – Residents of the village of Gorbakha, Ivanovo District near which a Ukrainian S-300 missile dropped this morning, talked to a BelTA reporter about the moment of the explosion.

One of the locals said: “There was a wave. A sound wave and a shock wave. I was leaving my home right then and was even shaken a bit. Then we went out to look and saw a missile lying around.”

The local resident Valentina Shpyrko said she had also heard a terrible explosion: “I ran outside and heard massive noise. I thought aircraft were flying. I thought it was war.”

“We heard a massive explosion. Everyone was scared. It was like strong thunder. It was very scary. I have children. I'd like them to grow up under peaceful skies instead of in fear,” another woman shared her impressions.

One of the women pensioners said she lives not far from the missile drop site. She mentioned a grandson of a friend of hers had run by to see what had happened. “He said a missile was lying in the kolkhoz field beyond our vegetable gardens, not more than 50 meters away. Then military and police personnel came. They told us not to leave our homes because they might have to blow up the missile. They said they were waiting for sappers and then they would be able to tell us whether we can go out or not. Certainly, I blame Ukraine. Zelenskyy says he is allowed to do anything. But what is he allowed to do? To kill people? I thank god for our president, who cares for the people,” the elderly woman said.

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