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17 March 2023, 14:00

From €1,080 per m2 of upscale real estate, 5% discount and other super deals in Minsk World!

Only until 25 March, the price of 1 m2 of upscale real estate in Minsk World will be from €1080 (at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus). The promo is short-lived: the company has frozen prices for this period to give customers a chance to choose their apartments.

Minsk World

An advanced urban development project in which all houses and objects are designed and built for comfort. The complex has everything that is necessary for a full and happy life of the younger generation, adults and the elderly. It spans 340 hectares, which were once the runways of the first Belarusian airport.

The quarters have been designed with love and maximum care for your comfort and safety. Each quarter has colorful and environmentally friendly children's playgrounds: mini-parks, which are located in a safe adjacent territory. The houses named after world capitals, cities and parks have separate exits towards the playgrounds.

There are workout areas, courts and basketball stadiums to help you maintain good physical shape, teach children and teenagers to love sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Modern schools and kindergartens are being opened. More are being built. Just the other day, on 13 March, a new wonderful kindergarten designed for 265 kids opened in the Northern Europe quarter.

Your kid will be welcome in one of 14 groups (3 of them are nursery). The kindergarten has modern gaming and sports equipment and also a computer class.

The kindergarten also has a hall for music classes, a road safety town to teach children road safety rules. The design of the building is barrier-free.

Polyclinics for children and adults are being designed. These facilities will become the most modern medical facilities in terms of architectural design and level of equipment.

The Minsk World multifunctional complex is the best place for those who appreciate good shopping, romantic leisure time and every minute of their time.

Shops and boutiques, cafes and banks, fashion and gift shops, playrooms for children, gyms and yoga studios opened not only on the premises of the quarters, but also in the stylobates (the first floors) of elite houses. This is a perfect place to launch your business!

Let's explore two-exit entrance halls. Here you will see a comfortable lobby with a beautiful picture showing the sights of one of the world's capital cities. Here you will also find a concierge desk, a lounge for guests, a book swapping nook, and a bathroom with a changing table for babies.

High-speed elevators will quickly take you to any floor. Most houses have a panoramic elevator. Going up and down on this elevator, you will be able to see the beauty of the multifunctional complex and the surrounding cityscapes.

Minsk World offers shell&core apartments where you can implement any interior design ideas, as well as real estate with a fine finish where you can move or which you can rent out right away.

March is the time when your most cherished dreams of buying real estate in Minsk World can come true. This upscale complex is just a 7-minute drive from the main city thoroughfare - Independence Avenue.

Do you want to live in the heart of the city?

A dream will come true in Minsk World!

INVEST and save even more!

Only until 20 March

you can get a 5% discount when you pay the full price for the apartment right away with your own funds or with a soft loan from partner banks!

Attention! On 1 March 2023 the refinancing rate was reduced from 11.5% to 11% per annum -bank loan offers are becoming even more affordable - this is the best time to buy a home!

Pay attention to the super loan in Minsk World, Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev elite multifunctional complexes FROM 4.99% in the first year for the period of up to 20 years..

Visit the websites of the developer group

to choose apartments to which the exclusive promo applies

with the most favorable terms of purchase!

Minsk World took part in the 25th edition of the international architecture and construction expo Budexpo 2023 that was running at the BelEXPO national exhibition center (14 Pobeditelei Avenue, Minsk) on 15-17 March. Visitors to the expo had an opportunity to get first-hand information about prime real estate in the Minsk World residential complex.

Today, on the last day of the exhibition, representatives of the group of companies-developers will be happy to tell visitors about the advantages of the mixed-use complex. Visitors will still have an opportunity to board a comfortable tour bus near the entrance of BelExpo and go on a trip to the world of comfort to see how beautiful, landscaped and perfect for life and work the mixed-use complex Minsk World is.

Buying apartments and commercial premises in Minsk World, you invest in successful, stable and safe future. The International Financial Center will soon open in the mixed-use complex. This unique project will become a new milestone in the economic development of the country and will greatly increase the cost of the square meter in the area.

Avia Mall, the country's largest shopping and entertainment center, will open its doors nearby. One of its exits will lead to the platform of the Aerodromnaya metro station (finishing works are in full swing here, and the opening of the station is scheduled for late 2023 or early 2024).

Investing in the square meter of the upmarket property in Minsk World, you keep receiving great offers on the already signed contracts and can


A 48- or 60-month installment plan is one of the most popular tools to buy property in Minsk World. If you have previously signed a contract for the purchase of apartments by installments, you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of a special offer

Cashback from Dana

Are you ready to repay the installment plan in full or in part by making a payment above the amount of the monthly payment of €5000 and more?

The price of the property can become cheaper

UP TO 20%!

Have you bought an apartment by installments? Call our manager to learn about


The short numbers are 7675 and 7911, the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719. Feel free to come to the office located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street! Consultants of the group of real estate development companies look forward to your calls and visits in 57 cities and towns across Belarus.

Minsk World. We have created the world you've dreamed about!

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