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22 March 2023, 14:00

From €1,080 per m²! Super prices in Minsk World only until the end of March!

A great promo for apartments will be running until the end of the month. Record low prices for apartments, installments up to 60 months and unique loan terms - from 4.99% in the first year for a period of up to 20 years! That's what's trending right now.

<center><b><i>Minsk World </b></i></center>
Minsk World

The group of developers is doing everything possible to ensure that every family with a stable income has its own accommodation.

The pilot project of the Minsk World multifunctional complex is nearing completion. This is a 15-minute city, where all the necessary facilities can be reached on foot in a quarter of an hour. Most of the bright and comfortable quarters envisaged in the Minsk World general layout have already been successfully built in the Belarusian capital.

You still have time! Right now you have a chance to make the key investment in real estate of the multifunctional complex, which opens a new page in the history of the Belarusian economy. Its main facilities will be:

International Financial Center

The IFC, the focus of architectural and urban planning ideas and the heart of Minsk World, is already attracting the interest of companies from different parts of the world. Many have already applied for presence in this transnational hub, a great place for launching business projects and building a business career. It will raise the prestige of the multifunctional complex to the level of the best business districts in the world.


Avia Mall

<center><b><i>The metro station Kovalskaya Sloboda is within walking distance and is already up and running. </b></i></center>
The metro station Kovalskaya Sloboda is within walking distance and is already up and running.

The group of developer companies has come up with financial instruments to help you buy an apartment in the multifunctional complex that will grow in popularity year to year. We are talking about the neighborhoods where real estate will be growing in price as infrastructure and transport accessibility will be improving.

Pay attention

ONLY UNTIL 31 MARCH the lowest price for luxury real estate - FROM €1,080 per m2 (at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus). You can save even more if you use:

  • a loan from a partner bank for up to 20 years and at the interest rate from 4.99% in the first year
  • installment plans for 48 or 60 months.

Are you ready to fully or partially pay back the installment money by making a payment in excess of the monthly payment amount from €5,000?


The real estate can become cheaper

by the amount of the discount of up to 20%!

Have you bought your apartment in installments?

Call the manager and find out the amount of


Minsk World

Safe surrounding areas with bright and colorful playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, benches, sun loungers, workout areas.

Seven schools and 13 kindergartens are already functioning, or are under construction or at the design stage on 340 hectares of Europe's largest multifunctional residential complex. They have swimming pools and computer classes, music and dance halls for the comprehensive development of a child.

Shops and clubs, restaurants and boutiques, children's centers and gyms are right on the territory of the quarters or even in the stylobates of elite houses.

Car owners will certainly appreciate the abundance of surface parking lots on the outside of the quarters, an easy access to adjacent thoroughfares (you can quickly leave the parking lot during rush hour), as well as parking facilities with 24/7 access, video surveillance and security.

Open-plan apartments that provide an opportunity to implement any design project, you have long dreamed of, as well as real estate with high quality finishing, which gives you a chance to move in immediately, or use it effectively and profitably in your rental business.

<center><b><i>Panoramic windows is the opportunity to enjoy natural light throughout the year </b></i></center>
Panoramic windows is the opportunity to enjoy natural light throughout the year

<center><b><i>Luxury and comfort in every detail of the interior </b></i></center>
Luxury and comfort in every detail of the interior

Exclusive designer lobbies, where you can sense a note of comfort and livability from the threshold in every detail, be it the concierge desk, sanitary room with a comfortable changing table for moms and babies, a guest lounge and a book sharing zone.

<center><b><i>Welcome to Toronto</b></i></center>
Welcome to Toronto
<center><b><i>Hospitable designer lobby in the Tallinn house </b></i></center>
Hospitable designer lobby in the Tallinn house
<center><b><i>This is how the Vienna house welcomes guests</b></i></center>
This is how the Vienna house welcomes guests

Would you like to preserve and increase your capital, and also invest in your children's future? New houses are opening their doors one after the other in the Minsk World.

A number of houses have been commissioned in the past few months. These are:


Salt Lake City






<center><b><i>The designer lobby of the Flamenco house</b></i></center>
The designer lobby of the Flamenco house

Would you like to realize your dreams right now? Only until 31 March, the square meter is at a record low cost - - FROM €1,080 at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. You can take advantage ofа a installment payment plan of up to 60 months and a super loan - FROM 4.99% in the first year for the period of up to 20 years!!

The short numbers are 7675 and 7911, the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719. Feel free to come to the office located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street! Consultants of the group of real estate development companies look forward to your calls and visits in 57 cities and towns across Belarus.

Minsk WorldYour happy future starts now!

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