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19 April 2023, 14:00

Don't miss out! Just less than a week till the promo in Minks World is over!

The group of real estate developers Minsk World wishes a Happy Easter to its current and future customers. Only this spring, on the occasion of the Easter holiday, the group of developers offers special terms to purchase real estate in the elite residential complex of Minsk. The discount is €50 per square meter in apartments in a number of houses. But! The offer stands only until 23 April.

The discount of €50 per square meter also applies to commercial properties on the first floors of houses in the residential complexes.

There are fewer apartments available to buy.

The Easter promo applies to residential apartments with areas:

- 56 m2 in the houses Venice, Paris, Marseille and London

- 62 m2 in the houses Buenos Aires, Havana, Caracas, Berlin, Munich

- 71 m2 in the Bangkok house

The group of developers has developed convenient financial instruments to make the purchase of real estate as comfortable as possible. So, all apartments offered at a discount of €50 per square meter can be bought in installments.

Svetlana Zhukovskaya, head of partner sales with the developer company:

The attractive financial instruments include long-term installments for 48 and 60 months for houses under construction, installments up to 12 months for finished objects and attractive unique partnership lending programs for up to 20 years with an interest rate of 4.99%.

The partner lending program with an interest rate of 4.99% in the first year is one of the most attractive offers on the market! Unsurprisingly, the company's offer is limited. The construction of the complex is progressing fast.

Svetlana Zhukovskaya, head of partner sales:

-Interest in purchasing housing and commercial property in Minsk World is growing. 80% of the real estate has been sold. The construction of the complex is in full swing. Tens of thousands of people have already moved to Minsk World, many have purchased the real estate for investment purposes. There are very few apartments left in the already populated quarters of Minsk World.

You can see everything with your own eyes, get a detailed consultation on purchasing real estate and even join a tour of the complex.

- Representatives of our company are on the ground daily from 10 am to 6 pm. They will show you available apartments and commercial premises, and answer all your questions, -- explains real estate agent Vladislav Arinkin. Houses are built and sold. The day before, apartments in two more new houses went on sale.

New houses in the Happy Planet quarter are named after legendary parks. Welcome to the 3-section 13-storey houses Luxembourg Gardens, which offer core-and-shell apartments ranging from 32 to 83 m2 and the Regent's Park house with apartments from 32 to 70m2.

We emphasize that the best prices are at the beginning of the sale! The Happy Planet quarter is the heart of Minsk World. The location of the complex is unique.

A lot has been said about the advantages of the Minsk World complex. They include the “15-minute city” concept, which means that all the necessary infrastructure facilities are located within walking distance and can be reached within a quarter of an hour. It is here that the International Financial Center will be built. It is an absolutely state-of-the-art facility both in terms of its architectural design and financial solutions. The International Financial Center will border on the country's largest shopping and entertainment center Avia Mall.


The results of the Easter in Minsk World creative contest will be summed up in the near future. The Easter contest is run in the countries where the group of companies-developers operates. So far, the organizers have kept the number of applications a secret. But there are many. Was it possible to beat the previous record?

The contest record was broken last year. Over the four weeks since the competition was announced, the organizers received more than 1,158 unique installations and drawings! Some participants used the opportunity provided by the contest rules to submit two creative projects, Evelina Leshik, a leading specialist of the marketing department, said.

The group of companies-developers of Minsk World complex announces a large-scale campaign and gives its customers a discount of €50 per m2. The discount is valid ONLY UNTIL 23 APRIL and applies to commercial premises located on the first floors and certain residential apartments in the finished houses and the houses under construction!

The Easter promo applies to residential apartments with areas:

56 m2 in the houses Venice, Paris, Marseille and London

62 m2 in the houses Buenos Aires, Havana, Caracas, Berlin, Munich

71 m2 in the Bangkok house

all commercial premises on the first floors of Minsk World houses

The €50 per m2 discount is also applicable for real estate purchases via installment plans!

The short numbers are 7675 and 7911, the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719. Feel free to come to the office located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street! Our consultants look forward to your calls and visits in 57 cities and towns across Belarus.

All promos have limited time offerings. The €50 per m2 discount is valid ONLY until 23 April. You better hurry. And make the right choice.

Minsk World — dreams come true this spring!

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