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07 December 2022, 16:51

Closer Belarus-Russia integration seen as adequate response to West's pressure

Sergei Rachkov. An archive photo
Sergei Rachkov. An archive photo

MOSCOW, 7 December (BelTA) – The deepening integration of Belarus and Russia has become an adequate response to the pressure from the West, Chairman of the Standing Commission on International Affairs and National Security of the Council of the Republic Sergei Rachkov said at the media forum “Belarus - Russia: Equal Union, Common History, Shared Future” timed to the 23rd anniversary of the signing of the Union State Treaty, BelTA has learned.

“The decision to create the Union State taken 23 years ago laid the foundation for the strategic alignment between Belarus and Russia through the development of political dialogue and economic integration based on the cultural, historical and social unity of our peoples. Belarus and Russia outlined a number of important targets, including the creation of a common economic space, a coordinated foreign policy, the joint defense and security measures, closer cooperation in science and humanitarian matters,” Sergei Rachkov said.

The senator noted that the work on these goals proceeds in stages. An important role in this process is given to the parliaments of Belarus and Russia, as well as to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union State of Belarus and Russia. “Building the Union State is not an easy job, but we have managed to create a reliable foundation based on the principles of sovereignty and independence of the two states while following the common development path and maintaining close contacts between the two peoples,” the senator stressed.

Reviewing the results of the past years, Sergei Rachkov said that Belarus and Russia achieved a high level of mutual understanding and support, which allows finding solutions to any issues. This is of particular importance in today's complex international realities. “Today we have to stand together against unprecedented external pressure and to respond to numerous challenges and threats. The deepening integration of Belarus and Russia has become an adequate response to the hybrid war on the part of the so-called collective West. Belarus and Russia have already done a lot to mitigate the consequences of external pressure. The 28 Union State programs are seen as an important tool to promote integration,” Sergei Rachkov said.

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