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15 July 2022, 14:00

Celebrate summer in ‘South America'! Best deals in ‘Brasilia' and ‘Montevideo'!

The euro hit parity with the U.S. dollar. A year ago, it was almost $1.20 per €1! Prices in the group of developers Minsk World are pegged to the current exchange rate of euro. The European currency is at a record low for the last 20 years. Today is the best time to invest in prestigious real estate in the multifunctional entertainment, business, sports and residential complex!

For those who would like to buy apartments of their dreams in Minsk World, the developer has offered a host of special offers, installment and loan programs. Let's make a virtual trip to the South America quarter, to the Brasilia and Montevideo houses currently under construction!

South America quarter
South America quarter

Only this summer you are in for:

- the most attractive prices

- best loan terms (from 11.87% for 240 months)

- long-term installments (up to 60 months)

Minsk World is running the "Summer Promo" of the best offers and discounts on apartments in new houses and houses still under construction. For corporate clients there are special offers. Clients, who will use the services of the real estate agencies - partners of the developer of the Minsk World multifunctional complex to sell their old apartments, will be eligible to an additional discount when buying apartments in new houses and houses still under construction under the promo "Seize the moment! Move to a new house!"

The shape of the capital of Brazil resembles an airplane or a bird, so it is often called a "city-plane". The Brasilia house, which will embrace the best trends of modern South American architecture, will emerge in the multifunctional complex of utmost comfort that has its own "flying" history: Minsk World, recognized as the largest national complex under construction in Europe in 2018, is being built to the advanced urban planning concept of a"15-minute city" on the runways of the former Minsk-1 airport.

Brasilia and Montevideo houses
Brasilia and Montevideo houses

The South America quarter will have a kindergarten with a swimming pool for 270 children. The adjacent territory will have colorful children's towns, which have already become one of the brightest symbols of Minsk World, and will be free of transit traffic. It will be a place for games and fitness. There will be workout zones where adults will be able to maintain good physical shape all-year-round and teach a healthy lifestyle to children.

The South America quarter is also a great place for car owners. Surface parking is located mainly on the external side of the quarter (cars and children will not cross paths). There will also be a parking lot across the road.

Here you can purchase a parking place at a good price. As you will be returning home from work, you will be able to buy everything you need for dinner in a store located next to the parking lot.

Residential housing is located on the southern, western and southwestern sides of the quarter that is under construction now. There are kindergartens with swimming pools and a school.

The South America quarter will also have cultural facilities and consumer services facilities. A chapel in honor of the Icon of the Mother of God “Of the Three Hands” will open here.

The Brasilia and Montevideo houses will have 25 floors. Facades will be colored in pleasant sandy-brown tones reminiscent of the picturesque nature of Brazil. There will be two entrances/exits like in all other houses of Minsk World. One of the exits will lead to the surface parking and the other one to the courtyard. The main entrance will have a ramp for mothers with prams and persons with disabilities. Apartments on the first floor will have terraces with gates. There will be glass visors above them.

Brasilia house. Tropical atmosphere right in the lobby!
Brasilia house. Tropical atmosphere right in the lobby!

As you enter the Brasilia house, you will immediately immerse yourself into the enchanting atmosphere of tropical forests. The picture you will see will be complemented by exotic live plants in tubs.

The prestigious house Montevideo will take your breath away with images of the most astonishing architectural specimens of Uruguay, like Independence Square in Montevideo. In this part of the world modern houses harmoniously coexist with specimens of South American architecture.

Designer lobby of the Montevideo house
Designer lobby of the Montevideo house

The Montevideo and Brasilia houses offer a shell&core layout with apartments as big as 30m2 to 74m2 with a ceiling as high as 2.7m (from the 2nd to the 24th floor). The ceiling on the top floor is 3m high.

Lobby of the Montevideo house
Lobby of the Montevideo house

No matter how big your apartment is, you can arrange the space the way you want making as many rooms as you need for a comfortable life.

Would you like your home to charge you with energy and good mood? The Montevideo and Brasilia houses have panoramic windows, which will bring a lot of light into your apartment to enhance your strength, health and joy.

The windows have light bronze tint coating for the sake of privacy and are fitted with trick locks.

The lift hall where three low-noise fast lifts will be located is being created in a planning center. It will separate the corridor into two sectors. It will improve the emotional perception of space and will add coziness and harmony.

The Brasilia entrance hall
The Brasilia entrance hall

Living here means acquiring the freedom of travel and getting the capability to reach any part of Minsk within 15 minutes. It is true not only for car drivers, who can bypass traffic jams along free streets even in peak hours, but future residents, who prefer public transportation.

Public transport stops are located along the perimeter of the multifunctional complex. Buses, trolleybuses, and dollar vans connect Minsk World with any part of Minsk.

There are two metro stations nearby. One of them (Kovalskaya Sloboda) was opened in November 2020. The other one (Aerodromnaya, which continues the Zelenoluzhskaya line of the Minsk metro) is being prepared for opening. The distance between the new-construction houses Montevideo and Brasilia and the metro station Aerodromnaya is 1km. This metro station is scheduled to open in summer 2023. Prices for real estate are expected to rise in autumn 2022 due to rising costs of construction materials.

There is still summer outdoors – the best time to buy prestigious real estate at a profit. The Summer Promo is in effect and offers the best discounts on ready and under construction objects in Minsk World. Special offers are available for corporate clients. Sell your house via real estate agencies, which are partners of the group of Minsk World development companies to get an additional discount as part of the promo “Seize the moment! Move to a new house!”.

Do you want to present your family with the gift of joyful, comfortable, and stable life? Welcome to the South America quarter!

The short number is 7911 (the landline numbers are 375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719). Come on down to the sales offices located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street and 11 Mstislavtsa Street! Consultants in 57 towns and cities of the country look forward to your calls and visits to regional offices.

Minsk World - dreams come true here and now!

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