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05 December 2022, 17:31

Call to strengthen allied relations in CSTO

Photo courtesy of the House of Representatives
Photo courtesy of the House of Representatives

MINSK, 5 December (BelTA) – The CSTO countries need to strengthen allied relations, Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Vladimir Andreichenko said at the 15th plenary meeting of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly in Moscow, BelTA informs.

“The outgoing year was extremely difficult as far as the military and political situation is concerned. Those negative trends that we have repeatedly talked about are now morphing into real military and political threats. Firstly, uncontrolled and large-scale rearmament and militarization of entire regions has been launched. Compared with 2014, the total defense spending of NATO countries increased by $350 billion. In total, the defense budget of the 30 countries of the alliance exceeded $1 trillion. At the same time, the USA is building up its military presence in Europe. As of now, more than 60,000 US troops are stationed there on a permanent basis. Certain countries are turning into a testing ground for the latest strike weapons, primarily American ones. At the same time, NATO is expanding through the addition of Finland and Sweden. There are also attempts to stir up tensions in the Asia-Pacific region. With this in mind, a military and political alliance AUKUS (USA, UK, Australia) was created and the USA and the UK made their outrageous moves regarding Taiwan.

According to him, the thesis about the possibility of solving urgent international problems by force is being actively pushed into the public consciousness. “Some advanced politicians have taken it that far that they openly preach ideas bordering on Nazi ideology, comparing the Western world with a garden, and the rest of humanity with a jungle. Combined with irresponsible statements about the possible uses of tactical nuclear weapons, such actions, in fact, push the world into an abyss. Thirdly, it is alarming that international platforms, primarily the UN and the OSCE that are designed to ensure global and regional security, are turning into instruments of pressure and confrontation. A good example of this is the West's policy with regard to Belarus and Russia. They no longer know what else they can do to force us to abandon our independent development path. And other CSTO states are also being put to the test, as evidenced by the events of this year. I think it's obvious to everyone now that they won't leave us alone. They do not see our countries on the future world map. In order to survive, we need to strengthen allied relations, boost the defense capability of member states and the effectiveness of the CSTO as a whole,” Vladimir Andreichenko said.

“Simultaneously, we must focus on developing a new system of international relations based on mutual respect and the indivisibility of security. We need a world where the voice of each state will be heard and where each state will have equal say while addressing the real problems that threaten humanity - hunger, climate change, environmental pollution and many others. These are precisely the priorities of Belarus' chairmanship in the CSTO that were outlined by the Belarusian head of state at the session of the Collective Security Council in Yerevan. The motto of our chairmanship “Through solidarity and cooperation towards peace and security” absolutely chimes in with the expectations of our countries and peoples,” Vladimir Andreichenko emphasized.

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