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20 February 2023, 09:33

Bogodel: Belarus has made breakthrough in defense industry

An archive photo
An archive photo

MINSK, 20 February (BelTA) – If an aggressive offensive is launched against the territory of Belarus, the country's army will be ready to repel the attack, as it is well equipped technically, deputy head of the Faculty for Education and Science - head of the Education and Methodology Department of the Faculty of the General Staff of the Armed Forces at the Military Academy of Belarus Colonel Andrei Bogodel told the STV TV channel.

Andrei Bogodel emphasized that today's army is mobile and equipped with everything it needs. “Our army is a far cry from what it was a year or two ago when we held ourselves back a little in some aspects, but by now we have made very serious progress, it is not just a step forward, but a breakthrough in many respects. This also applies to the defense industry. “We receive the latest in air defense systems, the latest tanks, combat vehicles. We have begun to develop a lot of products on our own. The other day, the president announced plans to develop military aircraft production. This is already quite a lot. We are also promoting our own rocket science,” he said.

Andrei Bogodel added that Belarus' border is under reliable protection. “Battalion and tactical groups have already been deployed to the state border, our border is protected in the most dangerous sections. Our entire air defense system is fully operational. About several thousand people are constantly on combat duty,” Andrei Bogodel added.

Speaking about the effectiveness of air defense, he emphasized that there are no analogues to Belarus' air defense systems in Europe. If some vulnerabilities are revealed, this system will be backed up by other forces and means. “The anti-aircraft missile and aviation systems will do the thing beyond any doubt,” Andrei Bogodel assured.

Amidst the armed conflict in Ukraine, the world media and foreign leaders are expressing their concern about a possible outbreak of a nuclear war. “As far as the use of nuclear weapons is concerned, our country is a nuclear-free state. This is defined in all our legal documents and acts. And I must say that we are covered by a Russian nuclear umbrella, so we can weather any storm here,” Andrei Bogodel emphasized.

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