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13 April 2023, 14:00

Best prices at the start of sales! Viewing of apartments in Regent's Park and Luxembourg Gardens houses

The new houses of the future in the Happy Planet quarter are named after the legendary parks. Welcome to the 3-section 13-storey houses Luxembourg Gardens, which offer core-and-shell apartments ranging from 32 to 83 m2 and the Regent's Park park with apartments from 32 to 70m2.

Regent's Park - on the left, and Luxembourg Gardens - on the right

Sales begin today. This is an ideal time to purchase real estate with a high growth potential located near the iconic objects of the Minsk World multifunctional complex.

The start of sales means:

· - most attractive prices per m2

- favorable lending terms from partner banks: from 4.99% in the first year for up to 20 years

- installments for a period of up to 48 months

The Happy Planet quarter is the heart of Minsk World. This is a unique location of the multifunctional complex. It will offer a well-developed infrastructure of comfort and exclusive opportunities for large families, and also for recreation and entertainment, business and comprehensive development.

Happy Planet quarter
Happy Planet quarter

The quarter will be free of transit traffic. It will have safe and bright towns for children's games. Adults will be able to maintain good physical shape by using the workout areas. There will be a park with jogging and cycling paths.

Tenants will be guarantees the maximum level of safety of their cars as the Luxembourg Gardens and Regent's Park houses will have a single underground parking site. The owner of any of the 140 parking spaces will no longer need to warm up the car and waste time in the winter season.

Construction of Avia Mall and the International Financial Center is high-paced
Construction of Avia Mall and the International Financial Center is high-paced

Kindergartens, schools and a clinic are nearby. Houses with two-level parking lots and business apartments are built not far away. This is a fundamentally new type of real estate for our country. It will be suitable not only for comfortable living but also for registration of legal entity. The Aerodromnaya metro station is due to open in late 2023 or early 2024. One of its exits will lead directly to Avia Mall - the country's largest shopping and entertainment center. The International Financial Center is built nearby. It will dramatically change the status of Minsk World, turning the complex into one of the country's main business areas.

International Financial Center
International Financial Center
Designer lobby of the Luxembourg Gardens house
Designer lobby of the Luxembourg Gardens house

The Luxembourg Gardens and Regent's Park houses offer open-plan apartments - arrange the number of rooms you need and implement any of your interior ideas.

Comfort in Minsk World houses begins from the doorstep.

Designer lobby of the Regent
Designer lobby of the Regent's Park house

For the convenience of people with disabilities, cycling enthusiasts and mothers with prams, the entrance will have no steps and will be arranged at ground level. You will enjoy spacious and comfortable, beautiful and bright designer lobbies with an area of more than 60m2. The lobby infrastructure is carefully designed to include:

· a concierge desk to ensure order and security

· a lounge zone for visitors with a book sharing area (small library)

· a toilet room with a changing table - a convenient device for mothers and babies.

A basement floor is available. Rooms to store belongings of the residents will be there. An underground car park will be accessible from the basement. Every section of the future new-construction will have a freight lift and a panoramic lift. You can take the freight lift to go down to the basement while the panoramic lift will offer a view of “green sea” of the quarter.

The stylobates will have premises for commerce and social life. Residents of the house will be able to buy everything they need in their house - on the first floor. Entrepreneurs who chose Minsk World talk about a large and steady influx of visitors from among residents and guests of the multifunctional complex.

Commercial properties in stylobates of Minsk World houses
Commercial properties in stylobates of Minsk World houses

Today, on the eve of Easter celebrations you can give yourself and your family a world of exclusive comfort and livability, safety and potential growth of the price for square meters of residential and commercial real estate.

The start of sales means:

  • the most attractive prices per square meter in the Luxembourg Gardens and Regent's Park houses

  • advantageous loan terms from partner banks starting from 4.99% in the first year for up to 20 years

  • installment plans for up to 48 months

At your service:

  • 5% discount for fast payment

  • 3% discount for doctors and nurses, school teachers, college and university professors, athletes who have won international and national awards as well as people with disabilities

  • a special program for corporate clients - 3% discount is applicable for full payment or payment by installments

  • an additional discount of €1,000 (in rubles according to the exchange rate of the National Bank) for those who sell their old houses through partner agencies and make a full payment for the new apartment - the promo “Seize the moment! Move to a new house!”

The short numbers 7675 and 7911, the landline numbers are +375 17 269-32-90, +375 17 39-39-465, +375 17 38-81-719). Feel free to come to the office located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street! Our consultants work in 57 cities and towns across Belarus.

Minsk World. The dreams that have come true!

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