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01 February 2023, 19:23

Belarusian Defense Ministry explains advantages of Iskander missile systems

Photos courtesy of the Belarusian Defense Ministry's news agency  Vayar
Photos courtesy of the Belarusian Defense Ministry's news agency Vayar

MINSK, 1 February (BelTA) – Belarusian army units can now operate tactical missile systems Iskander on their own. The mobile short-range ballistic missile systems Iskander are described as the world's best weapon system in this class, the Defense Ministry press service told BelTA.

Russia handed over a tactical missile system Iskander to Belarus in December 2022. The vehicle can travel at up to 70kmph in off-road conditions. It is worth noting that the chassis is made by Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MZKT trademark).

Iskander systems can fire ballistic and cruise missiles to accomplish various missions. The Iskander system can deliver high-precision strikes at command posts, bases, underground bunkers, and other targets. All of it is possible thanks to a unique guidance system that controls the missile during the entire flight. Apart from that, the long engagement range allows using the complex from deep behind the frontlines.

Ruslan Chekhov
Ruslan Chekhov

Iskander systems are virtually invulnerable since they do not stay for long in the same place after launch and implement a number of solutions to reduce radar signature. The missile troops had created the necessary infrastructure in advance. The manning details are staffed only with officers, warrant officers, and professional soldiers.

Chief of the Missile Forces and Artillery of the Armed Forces, Chief of the Missile Forces and Artillery Office of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Colonel Ruslan Chekhov noted: “In order to operate this unique complex, the Belarusian military personnel went to Russia for training. After completing theoretical studies they completed practical training in the military training area Osipovichsky. Belarus has a sufficient stockpile of Iskander missiles, which will allow accomplishing any task up to 500km away. The Belarusian army's lineup of missile systems lacked exactly such a complex able to carry out tasks over 300km away.”

Ruslan Chekhov added that the Missile Forces and Artillery Office of the General Staff constantly monitors the experience of modern armed conflicts. A number of steps are being taken in Belarus to develop missile forces and artillery forces. Primarily through high-precision weapons. The Belarusian army has already received the Iskander system while enterprises run by the State Authority for Military Industry of Belarus are working to perfect the modernized multiple-launch rocket system Polonez-M.

“The second area of work is the development of an automated system for controlling artillery units at the tactical level. Elements of the system are represented by the complex of artillery fire control and command vehicles Tsenturion [centurion]. The control system is constantly improving. R&D work is in progress to make new products,” Ruslan Chekhov pointed out. In his words, close attention is paid to the development of artillery reconnaissance solutions.

The experience of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine confirms that Soviet artillery systems (2S1 Gvozdika, 2S3 Akatsiya, 2S5 Giatsint, BM-21 Grad) can produce very good results provided they are upgraded. Belarusian and Russian defense industry enterprises are working to upgrade them. The officer pointed out that the development of forms and methods for using missile and artillery units is another significant area of work. This work never stops.

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