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13 April 2023, 17:32

Belarusian army units polish skills during exercises

BREST, 13 April (BelTA) – Mobile units of Belarus' Armed Forces study the experience of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine, BelTA learned from State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Aleksandr Volfovich. The official observed an exercise in the military training area Brestsky on 13 April.

A demonstrational battalion-level tactical exercise of the 38th Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade is taking place in the military training area Brestsky on 10-13 April. The final phase took place today. Commander of the Special Operations Forces of Belarus' Armed Forces Vadim Denisenko and Chairman of the Brest Oblast Executive Committee Yuri Shuleiko observed the exercise alongside Aleksandr Volfovich.

Aleksandr Volfovich said: “As we study the experience of Russian and Ukrainian combat operations during the special military operation, we see that airborne troops and mobile units are employed virtually everywhere there. I am glad to see that this experience is used here today. For instance, drones are used to reconnoiter the battlefield and the enemy's flying vehicles get shot down. Withdrawals, change of positions, flanking maneuvers, movement into the rear of the enemy's advancing force. In other words, just the kind of mobile actions that mobile units are supposed to take. All kinds of weapons the air assault brigade has are also used.”

The official pointed out that it is a practice-oriented training process. In particular, justified and unjustified decisions of unit commanders and the resulting consequences were demonstrated during the exercise. “We show positive moments and we learn from the errors that we see and analyze in order to avoid them in practice,” the state secretary of the Security Council explained.

A combat episode involving the repulsion of the enemy's offensive with artillery fire was played out in the military training area. The troops also stormed a simulated population center and finished destroying the enemy's forces. Battalion commanding officers from other army units and cadets of the Military Academy also observed the exercise.

Aleksandr Volfovich praised performance of participants of the exercise: “Our paratroopers represent one of the best trained military service branches. For two years already they have been deployed on a rota basis to defend our southern borders, the state border between the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine. This is why they have certain skills, which are polished during such military exercises.”

The official remarked that the final stages of combat training, of combat shakedown of battalions are the final part of the semester and are now taking place in all units of the Belarusian army. A number of military personnel will be discharged from military service and new recruits will be drafted soon.

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