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06 March 2023, 17:34

Belarus to take part in International Trade and Industry Fair in Pakistan

MINSK, 6 March (BelTA) - Belarus will exhibit science, technology and innovation developments at the International Trade and Industry Fair in Karachi, Pakistan on 10-12 March, BelTA learned from the press service of the State Committee on Science and Technology.

“The exposition will display 39 projects of Belarusian scientists from seven scientific and research-and-production organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and institutions of the Education Ministry,” the press service said.

The most interesting developments will include electronic ceramics and products based on them from the Materials Research Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. These include ceramic insulators and housings for microwave filters, dielectric resonators, resonators for antennas, and products based on piezoceramics. Ceramics for microwave devices have low dielectric losses, high density and high thermal stability. New materials can be created according to specific, individual customer requirements. According to the State Committee on Science and Technology, the manufactured ceramic materials and products based on them are not inferior to similar products from other countries in terms of their performance parameters and quality.

The Materials Research Center will also demonstrate the graphene-containing material and products based on it. It can be used in structural elements, energy storage devices, lubricants, sorbents, sensors, etc.

Belarus will also showcase micro- and nanotechnologies of superfine magnetic and abrasive polishing (Belarusian National Technical University). Their purpose is ultra-thin polishing of high-precision surfaces to nano-level roughness, correction of the surface shape of optical parts, increasing the radiant strength of optical and laser parts, cleaning surfaces before welding and coating, increasing resistance to corrosion, wear and mechanical destruction of parts made of metal alloys, monocrystals and ceramics. “The developments surpass the best world analogues in terms of technological capabilities, economic and ecological indicators. The technologies and equipment are of interest for machine and instrument-making enterprises, including manufacturers of optics, lasers, electronics and others,” the press service said.

The Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry of the National Academy of Sciences is to present dry starter and bioconservative at the exhibition. Bacterial starter for balancing feed additive regulates microbiological processes in pre-stomachs of cows. The bioconservative consists of a mixture of specially selected and lyophilically dried strains of lactic acid bacteria - lactococci. It is designed for the ensilaging of vegetable raw materials (annual and perennial cereals and legumes).

Also among the most interesting developments is an electromagnetic wave absorber (Belarusian State University). Dielectric radio absorbing material of pyramidal type in the form of panels of elastic polyurethane foam with carbon filler is designed to cover walls of anechoic chambers and equipment of working places for measuring antenna parameters.

Belarusian State Technical University will present heat-resistant ceramic materials for thermal units. They are intended for thermal and electrical insulation of furnaces in foundries, thermal and forge shops. According to State Committee for Science and Technology, these materials have a number of advantages compared to their analogues. They have improved mechanical, thermal and electro-physical properties.

Belarusian State Technical University will also show glass ceramic proppants - granular materials used in the oil production industry to improve the efficiency of wells with the use of hydraulic fracturing technology.

The collective stand is organized by the State Committee on Science and Technology. The exhibition operator is the Belarusian Institute for System Analysis and Information Support of the Scientific and Technical Sphere.

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