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05 May 2023, 14:00

1,190 entries! Results of Easter in Minsk World contest exceed all expectations!

1,190 entries (installations and drawings) is an absolute record for the annual Easter in Minsk World contest that has been running for eight years! Bright, creative, original works gave us a wonderful opportunity to look at the world of comfort, joy and well-being through the eyes of young and infinitely talented participants. The authors of the winning works were invited to Dana Mall where they were honored in a festive atmosphere, in the presence of national media.

The organizer of the contest, Dana Astra, summed up the results and named the winners!!

Winners of the 8th edition of the annual Easter in Minsk World contest::

Nomination “Drawing, children aged 4-6”: Nikolai Kazak, 6

Nomination “Drawing, 1-4 grades”: Polina Tsuba, 8

Nomination “Drawing, 5-8 grades”Elizaveta Ruchkina, 10

Nomination “Installation, 1-4 grades”: Violetta Filazafovich, 9

Nomination “Installation, 5-8 grades”:

collective work by Sergei Kondra, 12, Ella Kondra, 6, Vera Kondra, 4

Nomination “Installation, 9-11 grades”: Roman Shidlovsky, 16.

Nomination “Drawing, 9-11 grades”: Angelina Nesterenko, 17

Nomination “Installation, children aged 4-6”:Sofia Shibaeva, 4

The annual Easter in Minsk World contest, which is held in 17 countries where the group of real estate developers operates, was first held in Belarus in 2016. Seven years ago the festival received 150 creative entries. In 2021 talented children from different parts of our country sent 951 works for the contest, and in 2022 there were already more than 1,000 of them. In 2023, this figure reached 1,190. This is an absolute creative record!We met with the winners and asked them how they had the ideas for their works.

Angelina Nesterenko, 17, multiple winner of the Easter in Minsk World contest

"I themed my Easter composition around an egg, a symbol of Easter and life, the birth of a new city, a new world - Minsk World. It's not the first time I've participated. I am lucky enough to win a prize for the second time. Thank you!"

The Kondra family (Sergei 12 years old, Vera, 4, Ella, who turned 7 years old on the day of receiving the award). The creative team sent an "alien from the planet Minsk World" named VerElla and won the contest. The history of the unique installation was narrated by Sergei, the elder brother of the girls, whose abbreviation of names, by the way, makes the name of the winning "guest-guide to the world of comfort".

“This is an alien called VerElla from the planet Minsk World. She can predict where your apartment in the multifunctional complex will be. You just need to pick up an Easter egg. Inside you will find a piece of paper. Well, for example, (opens the egg, reads): "Your apartment is in the Cha-Cha-Cha house!”

How did you come up with such an amazing idea?

“I suggested to my mom to make something useful out of old toys, because throwing away plastic is not environmentally friendly. My dad helped us make the installation.”

How did you learn about the contest?

Olga Ivanovna (mother): “We learned about the contest on the website. We have been taking part in it for many years. That is why we knew about it and were waiting for the Easter in Minsk World contest. And now we have good news!”

One of the young contestants was Sofia Shibayeva, who won in the “Installation, Children Aged 4 to 6” category. Sofia and her mother told us how the idea for the work came about.

“We worked together on the project for about a week. We decided to choose the shape of an egg, which symbolizes Easter, life! We made a frame out of paper, and the decorations were created with a 3D pen and a stencil. Then we made a beautiful willow tree and cut out the houses and glued the windows. We did our best!”

16-year-old Roman Shydlovski celebrated the victory with his Easter installation.

“This is my work,” Roman said. “The Easter installation! The handle can be turned and the rabbits start hopping. The work is done in bright colors to reflect the mood of spring.”

It is an interesting thing! How much time did you need to do this?

About a week.

How many times did you take part in the contest? Or is it your first time?

Three times.


This is a creative drawing by 11-year-old Yelizaveta Ruchkina. It shows the new buildings of Minsk World, but... how did the logo and the name of the mixed-use complex end up on a birdhouse? Talented Lisa found time to come to the awards ceremony with her mother, father and little brother, and we got a chance to ask her that question.

“I drew a birdhouse against the background of Minsk World buildings, because a birdhouse is the symbol of prosperity and wellbeing in the family, and eggs are the symbol of Easter!” Yelizaveta explained.

Violetta Filazafovich, 9, a talented author of the creative work Fairy Corner (installation, students of 1-4 grades)
Violetta Filazafovich, 9, a talented author of the creative work Fairy Corner (installation, students of 1-4 grades)

We would like to wish wellbeing and prosperity to all participants of the contest and those who helped them in creating their works.

The organizer of the 8th Annual Contest “Easter in Minsk World” - Dana Astra Company - warmly thanks all the participants for a wide range of talented, creative and original works!

Every child who participated in the contest but did not win a prize can pick up a gift at: 9 Mstislavtsa Street, Minsk (Vostok metro station), Dana Center, 1st floor, from 8:30 to 20:30, any day.

Minsk World —a world of comfort and wellbeing for children and adults!

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