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13 January 2023, 14:58

100-year old Minsker thanks Lukashenko for attention to veterans

MINSK, 13 January (BelTA) – Yevgenia Konovalova from Minsk turned 100 on 13 January. Numerous guests visited her at home on this day to wish her Happy Birthday. BelTA correspondents were among the guests.

“You cannot imagine how happy I am. It's so great that I have lived to experience such a moment. There were many good things in my life, but also a lot of hard ones. And now things can be hard sometimes. But I'm happy that you have come today. I live as long as you visit me,” Yevgenia Konovalova said addressing the reporters.

She admitted that she has to deal with a number of challenges related to her age. “But on my 100th birthday I shouldn't be sad. I should be glad that people have not forgotten about my birthday and have come. I hope they won't forget me later, because their visits brighten up my life,” the woman said.

One of the numerous delegations visiting the veteran today was headed by Presidential Aide - Inspector for Minsk Aleksandr Barsukov. Yevgenia Konovalova told him how she felt in 2020 when ‘this wicked bedlam' began and how she was worried about the head of state. She also admitted that the president was an example for her of how to behave in such circumstances. “Well done, he managed to hold his ground,” the woman said.

“I have been following the president since the very day of his election. I know everything about him. I used to travel and people in every country that I visited told me that they would love to have a president like Lukashenko. I bow to him, I thank him for remembering me. Tell him that I wish him and his children good health,” she said.

Aleksandr Barsukov shared his impressions of the visit with journalists. “Talking to this woman has cheered me up tremendously. A sharp mind, coherent speech, great memory. She is a great example for us how to live our lives, a true role model at her 100. Yevgenia Konovalova is sincerely grateful to our head of state for the attention he pays to veterans. We all wish her and all our veterans good health, good luck and well-being,” he said.

Yevgenia Konovalova was born in the village of Soltanovka on 13 January 1923. She has a Type 1 disability now. During the Great Patriotic War, she worked as an operating nurse in the 504th airfield service battalion of the 2nd Air Army of the 1st Ukrainian Front. After the war she worked as a nurse in Minsk City Hospital No.5 (1960-1978) and Secondary School No. 85 of the Zavodskoi District of Minsk (1978-1980). She was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II Class.

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