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17 September 2023, 18:33

Poland reminded of Soviet soldiers' role in its preservation on world map

MINSK, 17 September (BelTA) - Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko reminded Poland of the role of Soviet soldiers in the preservation of the country on the world map as he addressed the patriotic forum "We are Belarusians!" dedicated to the Day of People's Unity in Minsk on 17 September, BelTA has learned.

"Today vultures are circling over us, as it was in the run-up to the Great Patriotic War. They are circling around the Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian lands. They are ready to make an alliance with the devil himself, if only to take more space on the political map of the world... ‘od morza do morza'," the head of state said. “They would like to erase the facts of political shame and moral decline of their predecessors. They themselves would like to forget how Poland was one of the first to recognize the Nazi Reich. This is the fact. It signed a non-aggression pact with it and a secret agreement on the division of Czechoslovakia. They would like to forget how, having received part of someone else's territory, they were crushed within a short time by their former ally.

"In no case should our neighbor forget this page in history. Would it have remained on the world map if not for the Soviet soldiers? And if yes, within what borders? The authorities of our neighbors are not asking such questions today. They continue to destroy traces of the memory of their liberators," the Belarusian leader added.

Aleksandr Lukashenko asked why they are doing this. After all those liberators are no longer with us, they died. "All right, they don't appreciate them for liberating their lands. But why they feel the need to rake over the old ashes? Let them remain as they are. Yet they dig up everything, blow up and destroy, erase from memory the best things that were in the history of neighboring states. We, on our part, are drawing conclusions again," the head of state said.

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