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01 March 2023, 19:55

Lukashenko, Xi Jinping sign declaration to herald in new age of Belarus-China partnership

BEIJING, 1 March (BelTA) – After official negotiations in Beijing Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko and China President Xi Jinping passed a joint statement on further advancement of exemplary relations of all-weather strategic partnership between Belarus and the People's Republic of China in a new age, BelTA has learned.

The two heads of state conducted negotiations in a warm and friendly atmosphere. A profound exchange of opinions across the entire spectrum of Belarus-China cooperation took place as well as exchange of opinions about all items of mutual interest on the international and regional agendas. Aleksandr Lukashenko and Xi Jinping arrived at a consensus.

The sides agreed that upgrading the status of Belarus-China relations to the level of all-weather comprehensive strategic partnership as declared by the leaders of the two countries in Samarkand on 15 September 2022 was a milestone event. “The bilateral relations made a historic leap forward and became an example of a new type of international relations. Considering the high level of cooperation between the countries and with a view to increasing the prosperity of the two countries and their nations, the sides agreed on further advancement of all-weather comprehensive partnership between the two countries in a new age,” the joint statement reads.


Belarus has always highly thought of China's significant accomplishments in social and economic development in the last ten years and wishes the Chinese people led by the Chinese Communist Party success in all-round construction of a modernized socialist power, in accomplishing the goals set ahead of the 100th anniversary since the foundation of the People's Republic of China.

In turn, China highly appreciates Belarus' significant accomplishments in national development and construction after independence declaration. China respects the way of development, which was chosen by the Belarusian people and meets national interests. China reaffirms its support for the policy and measures being taken by Belarus' leadership and its government with a view to maintaining stability and developing the state.


The sides emphasized that mutual strong support on matters affecting each other's main interests is the cornerstone of the stable development of Belarusian-Chinese relations. The Belarusian side fully adheres to the “One China” principle, supports the position on matters concerning national security, territorial integrity, and citizens' rights.

China supports Belarus' efforts to maintain political stability and economic development and opposes any outside interference in domestic affairs of Belarus under any pretext whatsoever.

The document states that it is inadmissible to apply double standards in matters of democracy and human rights as well as to interfere in internal affairs of other states under this pretext.

The sides stressed the importance of consolidating efforts to resist unjustified unilateral coercive measures and pressure on sovereign and independent states.


Belarus and China have agreed to continue making full use of the common coordinating role of the Belarus-China intergovernmental cooperation committee. The fifth meeting of the intergovernmental committee is scheduled for this year.

The sides also welcome the expansion of direct links between ministries and government agencies of the two countries for the sake of promptly resolving urgent issues of bilateral cooperation.


The two sides make joint efforts to deepen comprehensive cooperation under the Belt and Road initiative, will continue to facilitate trade procedures between the two countries, unlock the potential of transit transportation, including between China and Europe by rail, and steadily increase bilateral trade. Belarus and China have agreed to continuously expand mutual investment and promote cooperation with assistance of the private sector and financial institutions.

This includes increased use of national currencies in bilateral cooperation in trade, investment, and finance.

The expansion of mutual direct investments, creation of joint high-tech innovative manufacturing enterprises, promotion of joint business between commercial entities of the two countries, encouragement of entrepreneurial initiatives are defined as priority avenues of cooperation.

Support for shipments of high-quality agricultural products from Belarus and China to each other's markets has been declared.

The sides will also jointly promote the quality-based development of the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone. The Chinese side encourages large Chinese manufacturing and high-tech enterprises to start operating in the industrial park as resident companies.

Belarus and China declared their readiness to advance cooperation in e-commerce and digital economy.

Support for extending the Year of Regions of Belarus and China onto 2023 has been declared. The sides welcome in-depth trade and economic cooperation between Belarus and Chinese cities, in particular, Tianjin, Chongqing, and Qingdao.


Belarus and China will take steps to strengthen transport and logistics ties and speed up the processing of transported cargos. The sides will encourage Belarusian and Chinese air carriers to increase the number of direct flights from Belarus to China in a timely manner in accordance with market principles.


In this area Belarus and China intend to encourage the creation of joint scientific research centers, laboratories and other platforms, to increase funding for projects within the framework of scientific and technological cooperation, and to promote joint research and development of new technologies, including in the field of artificial intelligence and 5G.

The top-priority measures for the development of cooperation in innovation are the deployment of joint research and innovation activities. The sides support the creation of joint centers and enterprises for commercialization of scientific and technological achievements of the two countries.

Belarus and China also intend to expand cooperation between experts and analysts in various formats.


Judging from the text of the joint statement, Belarus and China will strengthen cooperation in defense, law enforcement and security, will deepen cooperation including in the training of military personnel, joint fight against transnational and terrorist crimes and terrorism, will fight against color revolutions together.

Belarus and China also intend to step up exchange and cooperation in disaster prevention and mitigation.


Belarus and China are ready to intensify cooperation on green, low-carbon and sustainable development, jointly promote harmony between man and nature.

The sides intend to strengthen cooperation on the creation of statistical systems for recording and monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, on the creation of a greenhouse gas emissions trading market, on the promotion of adaptation to climate change, and on the implementation of green financing.


Belarus and China declared their readiness to further intensify cultural and humanitarian exchanges and expand practical cooperation in culture, tourism, sport, movie industry, television, mass media, and other areas.

The two countries will continue supporting young people in learning each other's national languages and expanding cooperation in language teaching. The sides will make efforts to create a regional center for Chinese studies in the Republic of Belarus.


The statement reads that the Belarusian side supports the common values of peace, development, equality, justice, democracy, and freedom proposed by China to all mankind. The sides will jointly support the international system with the United Nations Organization at its core and follow basic norms of international relations based on goals and principles of the UN Charter.

Belarus and China strongly oppose any manifestations of hegemonism and brute force policies, including illegitimate unilateral sanctions and coercive measures.

The sides strongly condemn any alternative international rules, procedures and mechanisms that undermine fundamental provisions of the UN Charter. In addition, the intention to provide mutual support to mitigate negative consequences of unlawful unilateral coercive measures has been reaffirmed.

Belarus and China are also deeply concerned about the development of the armed conflict in the European region and are extremely interested in the establishment of peace in Ukraine as soon as possible. Belarus and China are interested in preventing an escalation of the crisis and are ready to make efforts to restore regional peace and order.


The Belarusian side supports China's proposed new concept of development based on innovation, coordination, green approaches, openness and sharing as well as China's global development initiative.

In turn, China highly appreciates the participation of Belarus in the Group of Friends of the Global Development Initiative. The sides believe that development is an important driving force to ensure the prosperity of all countries and agree to further strengthen cooperation in key areas within the framework of the Global Development Initiative to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Belarus also supports the global security initiative proposed by China. Belarus and China agreed to strengthen cooperation within the framework of the global security initiative and jointly confront such global challenges as terrorism, climate change, and cyber and biosecurity.


According to the document, the sides will continue comprehensive cooperation within the framework of multilateral structures such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia.

China supports accelerated accession of Belarus to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as a full member.

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