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03 June 2022, 13:07

Lukashenko wants world to invest in Africa's development instead of weapons

MINSK, 3 June (BelTA) – The world's leading countries should invest in the development of the African continent instead of weapons. Then there will be no hunger in the world. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement while talking to reporters on 3 June, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “They [the West] have scalped and brought entire Africa to its knees. Those people are slaves of transnational Western companies. They work for them for a song. Inequality is the main reason. This is why Europeans, Americans, Chinese, and Russians should open their wallets and invest in these countries instead of weapons. They should create a normal situation over there. Everything can grow in Africa.”

In his opinion, it is also necessary to invest in countries in South Asia and Latin America, which experience problems with food sometimes. “Then the problem will be resolved. And there will be no hunger,” the president believes.

Aleksandr Lukashenko reminded that the USA intends to import 20 million tonnes of grain from Ukraine in exchange for weapons. The United States of America claims it will reduce grain prices and address global food shortages. On the one hand, the president doubted Ukraine has that much grain left. On the other hand, he believes it will not help resolve the problem. “They will take away the last piece of bread from Ukrainians. They are scalping Ukrainians. I don't think it is being done because of the weapons. Weapons will be supplied to Ukraine. In order to destroy Russia and get closer to China. Bread is not the problem here,” he remarked.

The current geopolitical situation only exacerbates the overall problem, he stated. Logistic chains have been disrupted and the food security issue has become more pronounced. “Belarus is the best direction (Putin and I have determined five). Go ahead, we don't want people in Africa to starve. But food is in short supply in Europe and America, not Africa. We don't mind, feel free to transport via Belarus but there should be compromises: quid pro quo. Open the ports and let's load. Moreover, the ports stand idle, people have been sacked. Crazy. Hunger was encountered a long time ago. A billion is starving while a billion will be on the brink of death tomorrow. Only because of the policy the West and rich countries, primarily America, are pursuing today. This is the problem. It has to be resolved,” Aleksandr Lukashenko concluded.

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