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17 August 2020, 13:08

Lukashenko: The fall of the first president will be the beginning of the end

At the rally
At the rally

MINSK, 17 August (BelTA) – At the Minsk rally on 16 August Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko explained why so many things depend on the balanced position of people and the majority who supported the ruling authorities, BelTA has learned.

“They [protesters] chant ‘Step down!'. No problem! Listen, my dear. I am standing here not because I want to hold on to power. I have spent a quarter of a century, my youth and my best years serving you and our Motherland. No problem! Presidents come and go. The riot police will go, we will dismantle the army and sit down on the square again. What and who will we wait here for? Who will you provide for? Releasing criminals and gangsters… No problem! But they will kill and rob us and our children. Keep it in mind! They are striving for power,” the head of state said.

“We have already gone through this. Someone has not experienced it, someone has forgotten it. Why repeat it? I am saying it again: We should never repeat it! Stop, do not kill your future, the future of your children with your own hands,” the president said.

“We are a desirable piece for them [those who are against a quiet Belarusian state], but this piece is not big. They will eat it up and will not even choke. Think about it! It is time to make up your mind. I would like to ask: What is happening with you, Belarusians? You wanted to live decently! Keep in mind: the fall of the first president will mean the beginning of your end. You will always stand on your knees, like in Ukraine and other counties, and pray to someone,” the Belarusian leader emphasized.

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