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01 June 2023, 10:54

Lukashenko predicts escalation of military and political situation around CIS

MINSK, 1 June (BelTA) - The military and political situation around the CIS is aggravating and will continue to escalate, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with participants of the 52nd meeting of the CIS Council of Heads of Security Agencies and Special Services in Minsk on 1 June, BelTA has learned.

"The military-political situation around the CIS is aggravating and will continue to escalate. We need to understand that the big players are trying to pull us, Russia, Belarus, the Central Asian states, apart, using carrots and sticks. We, people, must not allow this. This is my firm belief. I feel it in my gut. After all, I have been working as president for some time now. We see the growing militarization of the NATO countries and the unprecedented concentration of troops near our common territory, the incitement of conflicts," Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The president touched on Poland that got rid of its old weapons by dumping it to Ukraine and that is equipping its army with modern U.S. hardware. "The United States has designated Poland as the main pillar of NATO in Europe. But, fortunately (I am not rejoicing at this, but there is nothing to be sad about), they are creating problems not only on our borders but are picking up a fight with Germany. In my opinion, Poland, without any reason, acts like an elephant in the room. But this is up to them," the head of state stressed.

The already powerful political and economic pressure by the United States and the EU is ever increasing, and blatant attempts to limit the scientific and technological development of the CIS countries continue, the president noted. At the same time, contradictions between the United States and the European Union are growing, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted. "The United States is not only trying to use the European Union in the war in Ukraine (they have already robbed them blind) but also in their confrontation against China. The trade between China and the European Union is colossal. The EU are pragmatists and they understand that the severance of relations between the European Union and China, which the United States is pushing for, will lead to even more sad economic consequences in Europe," the president explained.

The collective West uses international law as an instrument of pressure on us, but when it is beneficial to them, completely ignores it, the head of state emphasized. "This international law is practically gone," he added.

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